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Slaughter Beach

average rating is 3 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

May 3, 2022

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Slaughter Beach
Directed by:
Daniel C. Davis
Written by:
Daniel C. Davis
Jon McKoy, Ethan Han, Jim Cannatelli, Michelle Quenzel

As the title suggests, something bad is happening on a beach. A maniac is killing people.


A deranged killer is on the loose, which is not good news from a resort town. He viciously murders anyone he can find and will never stop. Meanwhile, Barry (Han) and his friend Ralph (McKoy) are looking for a way to make money and decide that a clever way to do so would be to become vigilantes for hire. Will these newly-self-declared heroes manage to put an end to the atrocities?


It should be made clear that this dark comedy slasher movie is not to be taken seriously. The acting is unconvincing and the dialogue is ridiculous, however the film still manages to be entertaining. The audience follows the two 'superheroes' as they get themselves into misadventures and the serial killer as he fatally attacks his unfortunate victims. Dark humour enters as the killings take place, which are gory and gruesome, yet so silly that they will probably generate laughs, which is no bad thing. Things are more lighthearted when the attention goes to Barry and Ralph pretending to be tough crime fighters. The whole movie is basically a switch-your-brain-off-and-enjoy experience, although not for the faint of heart.


As mentioned, the performances are not realistic, but they are amusing. McKoy and Han are quite fun as the two friends who just like that decide to rid their town from crime and repeatedly fail to do so. Han's character is enthusiastic and naive and wears a cape in an effort to resemble a superhero, while McKoy is more cautious and equally naive and carries a spade around. It is also humorous watching the brainless victims as they do not run from the threat.


There are quite a lot of killings in this film and they are simultaneously brutal and comedic. There is plenty of blood and dismemberment and the violence is over-the-top. The goofy acting by the killer and the victims make the murders darkly entertaining. Praise goes to Isabelle Isel for the work on the gore special effects.


The maniacal killer is arguably the one who steals the show. He laughs and jokes while he slays, clearly enjoying the act of ending a life. His appearance will most likely seem familiar to fans of the slasher genre. He wears fisherman's clothing and uses fishing tools as weapons, including a hook, resembling the murderer from I Know What You Did Last Summer. He is terrifying and clownish at the same time.


Davis does a good job as director and creates some wonderful aerial shots. The score was composed by Sam Bishoff and it sounds kind of over-the-top and silly, which adds to the amusement.


Those who enjoy movies like Peter Jackson's Bad Taste or Braindead should give this one a go. It could be described as a parody of the slaher genre and a bit of the superhero genre as well. It is not for everyone, but for viewers who enjoy dark humour and slasher fims, it is a satisfying experience.

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