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She Started It

average rating is 4 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Sep 5, 2021

Film Reviews
She Started It
Directed by:
Nora Poggi, Insiyah Saeed
Written by:
Nora Poggi, Insiyah Saeed, Fernanda Rossi, Jennifer Steinman
Stacey Ferreira, Thuy Truong, Agathe Molinar, Sheena Allen, Brienne Ghafourifar

A fascinating insight into the world of young women entrepreneurs.


This award-winning documentary focuses on the lives of five young women as they actively pursue their dreams of starting their own business. These individuals consist of three Americans (Ferreira, Allen and Ghafourifar), one Vietnamese (Truong) and one French (Molinar). Their business ideas consist of online companies. The audience follows them as they attempt to make their ambitious plans a reality and learns about their past, what motivates them and what their thought are ragarding the world of entrepreneurialism.


This feature reveals the challenges in starting a business, particularly finding the finance. The experience of watching this film is rather educational, as the entrepreneurs explain the great deal of work it requires to start a company and keep it successful. The five businesswomen are examples of what women can achieve in business. They come across as intelligent, friendly people, who are determined to succeed and it is rather inspiring watching them overcoming obstacles in order to achieve their goals.


There is plenty of footage that shows the five women as they give interviews, deal with the managing of their company and give presentations to audiences at events, hoping to secure investments in order to grow their business. Their relatives and friends are also shown. A variety of women who have reached significant accomplishments in business contribute to this feature by giving interviews, expressing their opinions about women as entrepreneurs. There are also many photos of various business individuals.


The directing is rather good and includes wonderful establishing shots of cities and landscapes. The editing by Jennifer Steinman is quite creative and the interesting music is a great plus and effectively accompanies the images.


She Started It is a must-see for anyone who is planning to start their own business becasue it inspires people to follow their dreams and turn them into reality. It introduces the viewer to five outstanding individuals, who set goals for themselves and are willing to work very hard for them.

About the Film Critic
Jason Knight
Jason Knight
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