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Settling Down

average rating is 3 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Jan 27, 2024

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Settling Down
Directed by:
Tom Rizzuto
Written by:
Tom Rizzuto
Christine Copley, Johnny Greenlaw, Azadeh Hashemkhani, Tom Rizzuto

A woman faces the consequences after she unwittingly has her husband killed by bad people.


This feature is a dark comedy with eccentric characters and awkward situations. Faith (Copley) is married to Mike (Greenlaw), who wears an oxygen mask while he sleeps. There are issues between them, as Faith wants to sell their house, while he does not. Eventually, she ends up getting in touch with Huma (Hashemkhani), a well-known estate agent and she asks for her help to convince Mike to sell their property. Unfortunately, Huma is a criminal who murders homeowners after collaborating with people who want them dead and she has Mike killed. Now Faith has found herself in a very bad situation as the police suspect her of murder and she must deal with Huma.


As mentioned, there are unusual individuals here, two of which are the sarcastic, naive and obnoxious Detective Caltabellotta (Rizzuto) and his assistant, the childish Uzi (Daniel Koren), who are assigned to work on the case of Mike's death. These two are the ones who add the most humour to the film, with their sarcastic behaviour and inconsideration regarding the serious events they deal with. Another strange one would be a British guy who is a sort of hitman (Ed Zed), who kills homeowners on behalf of Huma, who is a cold and manipulative person. Faith is an unfortunate heroine, a victim to an evil scheme and occasionally she imagines that she is playing cards with a group of people or riding an escalator with a woman from the early twentieth century.


As mentioned, there are bizarre scenes in this feature and they include a part in a restaurant where food is eaten from a man's torso while he is lying on a table, the hitman attempting to kill a detective by utilising a rather outrageous method and himself engaging in an S&M act with Huma.


This film is a crime comedy that is more likely to appeal to viewers who enjoy dark and adult humour. The plot itself is interesting enough, the dialogue is amusing and overall, it offers a fun viewing.

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Jason Knight
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