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Rwd Fwd

average rating is 5 out of 5


Swati Verma


Posted on:

Apr 1, 2024

Film Reviews
Rwd Fwd
Directed by:
Teddy Nygh
Written by:
Stephen Laughton
Percelle Ascott, Joivan Wade, Mandeep Gill

The director Teddy Nygh and the writer Stephen Laughton showcase the complex situations in life that one has to deal with in the intricate storytelling. Percelle Ascott as well as Joivan Wade fit perfectly into the mould of Alex and Jay respectively to effectively communicate important messages the film wants to deliver to its audience.


The plot of Rwd Fwd revolves around the involvement of love that leads to an argument between two old friends that can further escalate quickly with painful consequences.


The short film begins with a long shot of the street followed by a combination of mid-closeup shots to lead up to some flashback shots of the incident the two male protagonists are trying hard to move forward from. Rwd Fwd follows a nonlinear technique for the narrative to progress and is a good way to increase audience engagement with the content as it depicts the point of view of all the characters in the film. The set design, the white, grey, red, and black colours for the colour pallet, lighting, sound, dialogues, costume, hair, makeup, and props have been carefully designed to elevate the intensity of the story as well as to pick up the pace when required so that the viewers can enjoy it and also learn lessons and try incorporating the same in their lives.


In terms of performance, Percelle Ascott plays Alex a protective and caring boyfriend and faithful friend but a certain misunderstanding creeps up between him and his friend Jay that needs to be sorted out. Ascott brilliantly balances between portraying a range of emotions Alex feels starting with trauma, anger, love, care, grief, remorse, and repentance.

Joivan Wade plays the role of Jay who is an emotional and possessive friend of Alex, he is unable to deal with the thought of losing a friend like Alex, especially in the trying time he is going through. Wade beautifully utilises anger, and frustration to express his love, fear, and guilt as per the situation in the screenplay.

Mandeep Gill as Charlie (Alex’s girlfriend) is a treat to watch. She is a strong and independent girl who makes decisions by being more practical and also protects her loved ones no matter what the scenario. Gill portrays various shades of Charlie’s character arc through body language, voice modulation, facial expressions, and eyes. Charlie proves to be a true inspiration for every female in the audience watching the movie and they can learn from her to include the same into their lives in the long run.


Rwd Fwd talks about the freedom of every individual to choose a suitable partner when it comes to romantic relationships because love happens naturally it should not be forced on someone. The short film reiterates anger and many more negative emotions throwing one into deeper problems coming out of which seem nearly impossible. The best option is to avoid such situations and be surrounded by people who can help one grow as well as prosper in every way. The cinematic piece highlights that sometimes the only way to move forward from a tragic incident in life is to face it heal and restart the same for a better future with their family and friends. The creative piece also advises its audience that people shouldn’t shy away from seeking help rather than suffering alone.

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Swati Verma
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