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Resina - A Crooked God

average rating is 3 out of 5


Swati Verma


Posted on:

Oct 28, 2022

Film Reviews
Resina - A Crooked God
Directed by:
Tamas Levardi
Written by:
Tamas Levardi
Dominic Heath, Alice Louise Beton

The word crooked in the name of the music video-Resina-A Crooked God means bent or twisted, out of shape or out of place, dishonest or illegal. The writer-director Tamas Levardi wants to showcase the perception people develop of god as per their convenience through the lead actors Dominic Heath and Alice Louise Beton.


The plot of this creative piece revolves around a story from the early 18th century about struggle, faith, and belief. Raising questions regarding our nature: do we invent our reality? Do we create our gods and believe blindly in those creations of ours?


In the opening scene, the cinematographer utilizes a long shot of the landscape along with the upbeat sound to establish the essence of the subject matter of the musical piece. The tracking shots, mid-shots and close-up shots help the audience understands and relates to the idea of the existence of god. A series of transition shots to change the landscape signifies the varied struggles as well as challenges the two protagonist face. The set design, lighting, costume, hair, and makeup are kept natural to complement the timeline the video is set in. The intensity of the background music increases the thrill, drama and mystery to keep the viewers hooked to the content. The absence of dialogue in the video makes the dramatic piece more thought proving and emotional providing a firm way to communicate the key messaging Tamas Levardi is trying to deliver to the viewers.


In terms of performance, Dominic Heath and Alice Louise Beton together have come out to explore and gain knowledge about whether God is real or just a concept made by humans. Heath portrays the range of emotions with the help of body language, the facial expressions. Alice Louise Beton depicts the pain, the misery she has to go through and there is no escapism. The body language and facial expressions of Beton clearly state the weight of the questionable deeds done by her in their past life


Resina-A Crooked God talks about this world being created by god or we have conceptualized almighty to look for a method to achieve our selfish goals. It reiterates that the presence of the lord is an abstract idea that symbolises faith and belief motivating one and others to push all the boundaries of desire to make everyone's life better. Superstitions and blind trust are two elements that could result in irreparable damage so people should always evaluate the pros and cons of every situation. The musical piece strongly believes in the proverb - As you sow so shall you reap which means that future consequences are inevitably shaped by present actions. The music video warns its audience against doing dishonest and illegal practices in the name of god that would hinder long-term happiness and prosperity for the betterment of the surroundings we live in. People should respect nature and not abuse it if they want to survive in harmony with the environment.


I want to appreciate Tamas Levardi for the concept of the existence of god. This is important in modern times as we tend to forget to be thankful and also start taking life for granted.

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Swati Verma
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