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Red Wine and Rain

average rating is 3 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Jun 8, 2022

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Red Wine and Rain
Directed by:
Jennifer Marie Morgan
Written by:
Alexis Camins
Ell Lee, Nina Gosiengfiao, Koji Niiya, Vincent Eclavea Jr.

A short film that focuses on an altercation between four people about adultery.


Four young individuals are meeting at a car park. These people are Sophia (Lee), Kathy (Gosiengfiao), Danny (Niiya) and James (Eclavea). Sophia used to be James's girlfriend until he cheated on her with Kathy, who was with Danny at the time and she was also Sophia's long-term best friend. The meeting is taking place so that James can give Sophia the remaining of her belongings back. What was planned to be a brief gathering turns into a nasty confrontation with a lot of arguing and high tensions, but also with emotional and tender moments.


The narrative is basically a long dramatic scene that reveals the consequences of infidelity. Beginning with the four protagonists meeting at the car park, the screenplay quickly moves to the pain and anger that an act of adultery has caused. Most of the shouting and swearing is done by Sophia as she angrily denounces James and Kathy's actions. Danny is also hurt, however he appears to control his anger. The atmosphere is quite tense and unpleasant throughout and the film also mourns the wonderful things that have been destroyed due to cheating thanks to emotional conversations between each former couple, as they recall happy times between them. Although on the surface Sophia and Danny are the victims, it becomes apparent that unfaithfulness has damaged all four of them.


All the protagonists deliver great performances, however special mention goes to Lee, as she is very convincing as a person whose life has been turned upside down by James' deeds. Eclavea's character seems more or less unremorseful for his actions, while Gosiengfiao's openly expresses regret.


The soundtrack contains songs from a variety of artists and although they are pleasant to the ear, some of them are utilised unnecessarily as they make the scenes feel awkward.


This drama is an emotional roller-coaster that deals with themes involving adultery, reconciliation, forgetting about the past, remorse and self-expression. From start to finish it grabs the viewer's attention due to its subject matter and dramatic dialogue and provides a moving experience.

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Jason Knight
Jason Knight
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