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Red and Blue Make Purple

average rating is 4 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Jul 3, 2022

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Red and Blue Make Purple
Directed by:
Olivia Medrano
Written by:
Olivia Medrano
Ruby Wasserman, Amber Kase

Hoping to escape her troubled household, a young woman spends time with her friend.


Lily (Wasserman) lives in a home where there are constant arguments. She contacts her friend Natalie (Kase) and the two of them go out together and have a great time. Natalie will be going away soon and Lily must decide whether to remain where she is or join her friend.


This is a heart-warming short drama that focuses on two individuals who have reached a stage in their life where they have to make life-changing decisions and decide what is best for them. It is a story that deals with a variety of subjects, including self-discovery, the desire to move on to better things, friendship and the challenges of living in a dysfunctional home.


The narrative begins quite intensely, with Lily in her house, listening to a nasty argument. In order to escape, she retreats into her bedroom, where she puts on music on her earphones. The atmosphere changes dramatically, becoming very uplifting as she phones Lily and a montage begins, which shows them having fun together by attending an amusement park, eating ice cream and going to the beach. It is clear that these two have a rather strong bond between them. The atmosphere is joyful when they are together and there is a feeling of sadness as they worry that circumstances might cause them to separate.


The acting is OK, with both leads delivering sympathetic performances as they portray individuals who find happiness and support when they are with each other.


Regarding the soundtrack, there are two wonderful, uplifting songs that signify the positive emotions that emerge for the two protagonists, when they share each other's company.


This is a moving coming-of-age story that explores the bond between two friends. It carries the message that one must follow their heart when it comes to making difficult decisions and do what will make them happy.

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Jason Knight
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