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Patrick Foley


Posted on:

Jan 24, 2024

Film Reviews
Directed by:
Lorenzo Bussone
Written by:
Lorenzo Bussone
Arianna Richieri, Manuel Di Pierro

No, Q=mcΔT is not the name of Elon Musk’s newest offspring (or doomed Twitter re-naming), but in fact the name of a short film release to promote new and disruptive Italian fashion brand ANΣ. Directed and shot by Lorenzo Bussone, the film uses an unsettling and vigorous storyline to showcase the brand’s fashion releases.


A woman (Arianna Richieri) is divided literally and figuratively in an abandoned gothic hall. A doppelganger figure tries to reach out to her to make a connection, but barriers keep the two apart. Narcissism, insecurity and instability wreck pain on the woman, but as walls start to break down, intimacy and security take over as the pair embrace.


Q=mcΔT’s goal is to showcase the designs, vibes and mission of fashion house ANΣ, and in this it is unquestionably successful. The contemporary fashion stands out amongst the gothic and historic surrounding setting of the film – boldly and clearly setting the brand’s stall as both disruptive and modern whilst respecting classic values. The film creates a mood similar to the John Wick franchise’s unforgettable sequences in Italy, where timeless architecture meets extravagant midnight exuberance. The haunting quality creates prestige, and compliments the lucid story of the film.


Lorenzo Bussone’s directing style similarly allows the clothing to standout without overtaking the performance of Arianna Richieri, or turning the film purely into a commercial. Whilst the purpose of promotion does naturally limit the artistic potential, there is unquestionably a cinematic quality that stands out, largely thanks to the director’s innovation and ability to engage the viewer. Audiences are kept constantly on their toes thanks to shifting perspectives, angles, lighting and experimentation. Amongst the best shots are of the woman and her doppelganger coming close across a split-screen to a connection before being divided once more. Richieri’s multilayered gaze also receives regular focus – demonstrating that great imagery is not sacrificed purely for emphasis on clothing.


The film is short and sweet and is ultimately limited by its purpose and running time. Anyone looking for something with real depth will be left feeling a little underwhelmed, as even with a dark plot which touches on genuine issues and a moody, well-established atmosphere, there really is only so much story a promotional video can tell. But Q=mcΔT does ultimately do what it is designed to do – that is show off ANΣ’s collection in a dynamic and original way. It is an enjoyable enough watch, and fashion fanatics will no doubt be impressed by what they see.

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Patrick Foley
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