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Pure Gold

average rating is 3 out of 5


Swati Verma


Posted on:

May 10, 2023

Film Reviews
Pure Gold
Directed by:
Rik Gordon
Written by:
Rik Gordon
Edwin Mullane, Aoife Honohan, Kieran Cotter

The writer-director Rik Gordon sheds light on the extreme lows in the farming industry of Ireland in 1864. Edwin Mullane, Aoife Honohan, and Kieran Cotter represent all hardships they are facing because of the given situation beautifully and all of them have managed to emotionally grip the audience from the very start of the narrative.


The plot of Pure Gold revolves around a farmer who is hit by Famine and must provide for his starving family; however, his desperation is exploited by a mischievous being that tempts him with something special.


The film opens with a black screen with the facts about the potato blight in the white font to establish the subject matter demanding an instant emotional connection with the content. The DOP Thomas McKeown utilises the long shot to capture the beautiful landscape of Ireland just a perfect setting for introducing the male protagonist. The camera quickly switches to a close-up shot of his face of John to showcase his utter disappointment with the potato crop and sadness for breaking the hopes of the family every time. The set design, lighting, music, dialogues, costume, hair, makeup, and props complement the elements of drama and fantasy while dealing with a serious issue to maintain the interest of the viewers.


In terms of performance, Edwin Mullane plays John who wants to earn money from what he gets out of his farming skills to pay rent and also get food for his starving family. Mullane aptly depicts the helplessness and disappointment and emotional trauma with body language, voice modulation, facial expressions and eyes. The actor’s portrayal of his character is full of realism making it relatable allowing the audience to learn from John.

Aoife Honohan plays the role of Marry who knows her duties both as a wife and a mother and wants to give the much-required emotional support to John as well as Patrick to combat the difficulties thrown at them. Honohan effectively strikes a balance between being strong and being emotional as per the demand of the script. The young actress understands the nuances and multiple layers of Marry and assists the viewers in not losing interest in the storyline.

Kieran Cotter as Patrick is a treat to watch as he gives us some light moments as the film continues with a serious note picking up the pace to quickly reach the climax. The child artist is very talented to portray the loving relationship of the father and son duo and what changes this equation go through as the story moves forward.


Pure Gold warns the audience regarding the cons of choosing the path of greed and also talks about the shortcuts never working out to achieve a certain goal in life so hard work is the only way. The short film reiterates that trusting the right person is very crucial in life or it can prove to be detrimental to the well-being of self and people around. The cinematic piece also highlights the importance of taking care of loved ones individually by understanding one’s duties and responsibilities rather than depending on strangers to help them out.

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