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PROGedia - Down (Original Mix)

average rating is 4 out of 5


Swati Verma


Posted on:

Feb 15, 2022

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PROGedia - Down (Original Mix)
Directed by:
Alessandro Amaducci
Written by:
Fed Conti
Catena, Fed Conti



The title "ProGedia-Down" chosen by the makers of this music video helps attract traffic on the YouTube channel and also listeners to various platforms like "Fanlink" and "Randsrecord". The creative team has also put out the newsletters to increase the popularity of the musical piece and also keep the crowd updated with the latest developments of the same. The concept of the single written by Fed Conti and the remix from the bug is very new and unique idea in the music industry. The pandemic has made us so dependent on technology for everything right from education to entertainment.


The genre of album "Down" falls under the category of Dance/Electronic. The storyline of this music video shows us a special music concert designed for the humanoid robot. The album is able to keep both the music lovers and the technology geeks interested in their end product. The creative team knows how to continuously innovate with the ideas so that the content they come up with it suits the present time and the masses relate and fall in love with it. The R&S group has given the viewers a futuristic approach in terms of both music and technology. Fed Conti always believed in refreshing the quality of the music piece with the changing times while paying a tribute to the old classics.


The new single by Fed Conti opens with a theatre setup in middle of the night sky. The camera slowly zooms into it, transporting the audience in the world of Robots. The curtains pull up and the downloading sign comes on the screen as the concert kick starts. The masses enjoy this new concept to the core and look forward to such content by R&S Records- the long standing electronic music powerhouse in the future as well. The upbeat track with the drumming, guitar, microphones, and the piano all gives the vibes of a real virtual music concert. The twist to the tale comes when the concert is customized according to the robots. This is the refreshing unexpected change that the audiences are also surprised by. As an audience and a music lover I liked the inclusion of computer coding at the end of the music video. This was a smart move to increase the audience engagement with the high end concept.


The camera angles, set design, the lighting, color palette, editing and the special effects all of these come together to work hard and build such a brilliant piece of art. All the elements-Robots, set of the concert, the computer codes are very well placed. It does seem very smooth and does not break the continuity of the music video. The gate of the theatre has the logo of R&S Records; this music band invites the viewers into the world they have created for the masses. The audience wants to be left in the same environment and not come out into the real world. The makers of this music video pay attention to all the minute details of the creative piece so that it appeals to the audience and the public spreads the word of mouth.

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