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Jason Knight


Posted on:

Sep 6, 2021

Film Reviews
Directed by:
Dante Aubain
Written by:
Dante Aubain
Adam Paul Hunter, Chris Jehnert

A man's life is interrupted by an unexpected visitor, whose arrival turns out to have sinister purposes.


Arthur (Hunter) is in his apartment, getting ready for company. He answers the door, only to find a man named Sam (Jehnert) standing outside. Sam claims to have an appointment at this address with a woman named Katherine, who Arthur also knows. He invites him in and the two of them have a conversation that turns awkward and later resulting in things getting tense and sinister as it is revealed that one of them is hiding a very dark secret.


This short is a very clever thriller that develops over the cat and mouse game that the two protagonists play betweeen them as they try to gain the upper hand over each other. Things begin rather normal and quickly move to discussions involving infidelity, personal loss, tragedy, murder and revenge as it becomes clear that Sam came to Arthur's property for very serious reasons. Aubain was inspired by David Fincher's Zodiac, due to its themes involving obsession and that is present in Polaroid, as it deals with a person's obsession with finding out the truth and getting even.


Both actors deliver great performances. Hunter plays an individual who is calm, clever and very well mannered, but can also be menacing and dangerous. Jehnert's character is intelligent, observant and careful. As they talk more is revealed about both characters, leading to confrontation.


The entire narrative takes place inside the apartment, which is well kept, with limited lighting, which helps create a sinister atmosphere. Vincenzo Senerchia makes an outstanding contribution with the wonderful cinematography. Aubain directs very well and in one shot utilizes a mirror rather effectively.


The music is another strong feature, which creates feelings filled with tension, drama and danger. The thunder sound effects are quite good, adding to the dark atmosphere.


This is a murder/revenge film with well-written dialogue, interesting characters and convincing acting. The story is intriguing and the plot twists will most likely keep the viewer guessing until the end.

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