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average rating is 4 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Mar 14, 2023

Film Reviews
Play for Views
Directed by:
George Anderson
Written by:
Gnator8t4, Red Guy, Ellietendo, DJX5000, Mankalor

An intriguing documentary about the world of gaming YouTube channels.


This feature-length documentary explores the stories of five individuals who have managed to achieve significant success by setting up their own online gaming channels. These bright young people are: George (whose channel name is Gnator8t4), John (Red Guy), Ellie (Ellietendo), Derrick (DJX5000) and Kevin (Mankalor). Interviewed via webcams, they each talk about how they first got into gaming, what motivated them to begin making and uploading videos, where they are now and how they do their work.


Separated into chapters, the film begins by introducing the interviewees, who come across as likeable and intelligent and enthusiastic about their achievements, which include creating their channels, reviewing games, livestreaming and coming up with their channel name. The interviews intertwine between them and there is plenty of footage of the YouTubers being filmed through the webcams as they speak. Apart from the interviewees, there are also many clips of a variety of well-known video games throughout, which are accompanied by the narrator's voice-over. There is also footage of well-known video game-related YouTube channels, including Angry Video Game Nerd and The Irate Gamer. All this has been edited very methodically by Anderson.


The letters that make up the titles of the chapters and credits have been stylised in a way that resembles old-school game letters and it was a very clever choice as it matches the feature's themes. The film also gains from the rich collection of songs that constitute the soundtrack.


This is an inspiring documentary that introduces the world to five individuals who have managed to turn their passion into a profession. The film reveals how one can become a gaming YouTuber and how far this industry has come. It is an entertaining and informative experience and it will most likely appeal not just to gaming fans, but also to those with the ambition to become a gaming influencer.

About the Film Critic
Jason Knight
Jason Knight
Indie Feature Film, Documentary
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