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Our Last Summer

average rating is 3 out of 5


Swati Verma


Posted on:

Apr 18, 2022

Film Reviews
Our Last Summer
Directed by:
Cameron Mattless, Cameron Summers
Written by:
Cameron Summers
Cameron Summers, Luke Pierce Powell, Nikolas Savvides

The title of the short film- Our Last summer gets the audience intrigued and helps the makers to maintain the thrill and suspense element in the storyline of the movie. The writer Cameron Summers and the director Cameron Mattless build the screenplay around the theme of the Murphy's law- Expect the unexpected and how the lives of Alex (Cameron Summers) and his friends are affected due to the same.


The plot of the movie revolves around three friends from sixth form planning to celebrate finishing exams and enjoying summer vacations. However once being invited on a camping trip, things take a turn for the worst and give them a summer to remember.


In the opening scene of the movie, Cinematographer, Renat Davodov uses a slightly shaky camera to showcase the uncertainty the future holds for these three friends. The intense music by Inesa Mikal at the start of the film prepares the viewers for what the story has to offer. The set design, lighting, costume, hair, and makeup complement the summer mood initially and slowly move to a grim outlook later on in the narrative. The mid-shot and close-up shots are effectively used to delve into the gradual emotional connection between the various characters in the story. The extreme long shot of the forest, music playing in the background along with the voice modulation gives a sense of intensity and urgency as the film drifts towards its climax.


In terms of performances in the film, Cameron Summers plays the role of Alex who is the most sensible and mature person out of all three young men and knows how to react to varied situations in the narrative. Cameron Summers effortlessly strikes a balance between being practical and emotional as per the demand of the script.

Luke Pierce Powell is Henry who is generally socially distant from people and struggles to keep up the pressure of any sort of interaction. Powell makes Henry very retable with the audience and the viewers do like the positive changes in the character arc.

Nikolas Savvides is Simon who builds an instant likability in the eyes of the audience with the help of his charming personality but it transforms into a major dislike from them as Simon is found guilty at the end of the film. Savvides has many shades as Simon and the actor has brilliantly worked on each layer of the character successfully to bring out the desired reaction from the viewers each time.


The cast of film mostly includes youngsters but I was particularly impressed with the casting of Jarnail Singh who plays Mr. Jenkins. This shows that the makers promote the idea of showcasing diversity onscreen so that other filmmakers can learn and thus work towards making a society which is open to being more adjusting and accepting towards people in general.


Our last summer highlights the harmful effect of toxic friends, alcohol and drugs. The film teaches a lesson about not falling into any kind of peer pressure and believing in taking a well-thought-out decision that would be beneficial for the individual. The film becomes a medium to spread awareness among the youth about appropriate behavior.

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