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One Small Step

average rating is 4 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Oct 18, 2021

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One Small Step
Directed by:
Zachary Purcell
Written by:
Zachary Purcell
Holt Boggs, Reese Arrington

A sci-fi thriller that involves the ability to manipulate time.


This interesting short begins with a man named Collins (Boggs) recording himself leaving a message to his family, informing them that he has made an outstanding discovery, which is how to control time. Fast forward three years later and Collins along with an associate (Arrington) arrive at the house of a couple who are to be assassinated. Time has been frozen and the couple are both standing still, like statues. Everything is motionless, apart from the two men. The organisation that send the two of them there has stopped time so that the targets can be eliminated without complications. At first, everything seems to be going according to plan, however things eventually spiral out of control.


There is plenty of tension and drama in this story, whose main focus is the effects that this time-influencing discovery has on Collins and his family. Collins comes across as a sensitive, well-meaning person, who cares deeply about his loved ones. On the other hand, his associate is ruthless and does not hesitate to take lives and even jokes as he carries out his sinister mission. The two protagonists have conflicting personalities and Collins is concerned that the company he works for plans to harm his family. Murders take place, there is arguing, betrayal and a desperate race against time. There are also emotional scenes as the audience learns how much Collins wants his family to be safe.


Both Boggs and Arrington deliver great performances and the music is a strong feature here. Nick Shadel and Aaron Benson developed a score that is tense and sentimental and also includes electronic music.


This short film is quite a ride. It follows a man's struggles to protect his family and it deals with time travelling, which is often an intriguing subject. The script is well written and contains interesting characters. This is an achievement that deserves recognition.

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