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Not a funny thing 2

average rating is 3 out of 5


Swati Verma


Posted on:

Aug 10, 2022

Film Reviews
Not a funny thing 2
Directed by:
Jorge Luis Villacorta Santamato
Written by:
Jorge Luis Villacorta Santamato
Jorge Luis Villacorta Santamato

The red colour used for the title of the film- Not a funny thing 2 symbolises vigor which means strength or energy. The writer-director Jorge Luis Villacorta Santamato utilizes the comedy genre to highlight the mundane routine of the protagonist (Jorge Villacorta Santamato) effectively to engage its audience with the content of the film.


The plot of the cinematic piece revolves around a man that grades papers. Doing a lame chore is too much for him as the luck factor isn’t favouring him too. The distractions threaten the result so a wise effort is needed to get the desired goal. The method he has chosen to take seems to be the best one for completing the job at hand.


The feature film opens up with a long shot of an office set-up with a light yet peppy background music to establish the subject matter of the movie to the viewers. The slightly tilted camera angle followed by refocusing it on the central character indicates the change in the scene. The editing of the crime drama ensures that the narrative flows smoothly without breaking the continuity of the storyline. The colour palette, set design, lighting, costume, and makeup assists the filmmaker along with the creative team to give the movie a dull vibe so that the comedy and drama elements can uplift the entertainment part of the deal for the audience. The one-room drama does not have any dialogues in it but the movie demands the full attention of the audience from the very start as the cinematic piece beautifully portrays the minor detailing of the film which is very crucial for understanding the same at the core level.


In terms of performance, Jorge Luis Villacorta Santamato plays the role of the intellectual who wants to look for ways to tackle the monotonous nature of his professional life. Jorge Luis Villacorta Santamato switches his comic gear as he uses the body language, facial expressions, and eyes to pick up the nuances of the character as per the requirement of the script.


Not a funny thing 2 advises its audience regarding dealing with life situations in ways that are best suited for their well-being as well as their loved ones. The cinematic piece also talks about people being capable enough to take responsibility for their happiness and a peaceful mind which is of utmost importance in times of the pandemic. The fantasy film tells us that life should have the right balance of every emotion and an excess amount of any sentiment can prove detrimental to a healthy lifestyle.


To conclude, I would like to say that the writer-director Jorge Luis Villacorta Santamato of the film-Not a funny thing 2 has successfully clubbed multiple genres like comedy, crime, and drama to showcase how one can multitask and bring out the piece of cinema that is full of inspiration and full of key messages that are super retable and helps the masses to enhance the very essential life skills crucial for survival.

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