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Night Ride

average rating is 4 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Oct 8, 2022

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Night Ride
Directed by:
Eirik Tveiten
Written by:
Eirik Tveiten
Sigrid Kandal Husjord, Ola Hoemsnes Sandum, Axel Baro Aasen, Jon Vegard Hovdal

A woman accidentally ends up driving a tram through snow-covered areas.


It is night-time during Christmas and it is snowing. At a tram stop, a woman with dwarfism named Ebba (Husjord) is waiting for a tram, however the driver informs her that she will have to wait a while. Refusing to comply, she enters the tram while the driver is absent and manages to get it started herself. As she travels through the city, she picks up a handful of passengers, who think that she is the actual driver, leading to misunderstandings and confrontations.


This short film focuses on an individual who finds herself experiencing a journey that will show her how cruel people can be but also that she is capable of great things. The narrative begins more or less like a comedy, with Ebba trying to figure out how to operate the tram and then things turn dramatic because of two mean male passengers, who torment a cross-dresser following a misinterpretation. As the two men continue the torment, the 'driver' must decide whether to stay out of it or intervene.


Bullying and discrimination play a major part in this story, as the cross-dresser is being ill-treated by the cruel passengers for being who they are and Ebba is insulted by them for being short. The film shows that sometimes people are treated very badly just for being different, however, it also indicates that even individuals who seem vulnerable can make a significant difference.


Husjord is terrific as the main character, that being a simple person who gets herself in an awkward situation by becoming a tram driver just like that and this eventually makes her realise how strong she is.


Tveiten does a great job as the director and Vegard Landsverk creates beautiful cinematography. The film also gains from Morten Rognskog's amusing score.


This short from Norway is an emotional experience that explores cruelty, the challenges of being different and the importance of standing up for others and for oneself. With strong acting and an interesting story that has a great deal of drama and some funny moments, this is a viewing that deserves attention.

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Jason Knight
Jason Knight
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