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My Name Is Moe

average rating is 3 out of 5


Swati Verma


Posted on:

Aug 25, 2022

Film Reviews
My Name Is Moe
Directed by:
Kabir McNeely
Written by:
Kabir McNeely
Kabir McNeely, Brandon Leland, Geoffrey Kostal

The title of the short film-My Name Is Moe has the connotation of the continuous search for his identity and self-worth by the protagonist Moe (Kabir McNeely). The writer-director Kabir McNeely handles social issues like eating disorders, anxiety, and depression very cautiously making the content real and relatable to the audience.


The plot of the cinematic piece revolves around a lonely teenage boy Moe who longs for acceptance and suffers from a crippling eating disorder, social anxiety and must face his biggest fear.


In the opening scene, the cinematographer Max Gutierrez establishes the character of Moe by utilizing the combination of close-up and mid-shots followed by a long shot to build up a perception of other people regarding Moe which also assists the filmmaker in further strengthening the emotional connect of the viewers with the film. The long shot of the gym provides an insight into the daily struggles and internal as well as external challenges that the central character goes through to survive. The white and grey colour palette, set design, lighting, costume, hair, makeup, and dialogues are carefully designed to complement Moe's world so that the audience can understand as well as relate to his journey towards making the quality of life better for himself and his loved ones.


Kabir McNeely plays the titular role of Moe the first-year student who battles both academic as well as social concerns in his life looking for a strong support system with whom he can speak his heart out. Kabir McNeely uses body language, and the tone of the dialogue delivery to convey the physical and mental status of his character. McNeely has done a brilliant job with the emotionally heavy scenes as he knows that the main character has to be the hook for the audience as the key messaging in the movie revolves around Moe and it has to be delivered to the viewers effectively so that they can learn from this project.

Brandon Leland plays Coach Skip who is a friend and philosopher guide to Moe. Leland makes the character of Skip very charming and lovable in the eyes of the audience by balancing between being soft and firm with his students in the creative piece. Brandon Leland understands the nuances of his character to predominantly highlight the characteristics of Skip that are needed to elevate the script.


My Name Is Moe talks about the importance of self-acceptance and self-love. The short film also tells us that love, patience, time, and emotional support become crucial to help children like Moe to fight every situation and emerge victorious. The cinematic piece warns its audience against being judgmental about anything as it can be detrimental to everyone around them. The drama also educates the public regarding the do's and don'ts 'of parenting when taking care of teenagers. Parents should always encourage and inspire their children to bring out the best in them. Kabir McNeely also discusses how negative emotions like fear, anxiety, and failure can affect the mental makeup of people and lead to even bigger problems like depression.


To conclude I would appreciate the understanding and subtle treatment of various sensitive issues by the young and talented director Kabir McNeely and effectively communicating the same to the audience is commendable.

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Swati Verma
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