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My Courtyard

average rating is 3 out of 5


Swati Verma


Posted on:

Jan 7, 2023

Film Reviews
My Courtyard
Directed by:
Shrutiman Deori
Written by:
Shrutiman Deori, Akash Basumatari
Sundari Bongjang, Gautam Teron, Neha Teron

The writer-director Shrutiman Deori through his intricate script manages to highlight the lifestyle and the problems related to people living in the village located in North East India through the two protagonists Sundari Bongjang and Gautam Teron.


The plot of the short film-My Courtyard revolves around a 14-year-old Gautam who remains stuck in his school dormitory during the pandemic. He yearns for his village while his mother tries to continuously contact him.


The black-white colour pallet of the film mirrors the rawness and a sense of imperfections in the daily routine of these villagers in the Covid times yet they are looking for happiness for their long-term survival. The long shot captures the beautiful landscape providing the viewers with the realism and relatability factor in the narrative, therefore, increasing the audience’s engagement with the content. The set design, dialogue, lighting, sound, costume, hair, and make-up has been kept natural to uplift the subject matter of the film hence appealing to the local as well as a wider set of audience. The cinematographer captures the relaxed vibe of the movie and also makes us feel involved in the storyline as the filmmakers brilliantly showcase the interactions between the supporting characters of the dramatic piece.


In terms of performance, Sundari Bongjang plays the mother who while being worried for her son also deeply cares for the suburb she belongs to. The well-being of the place is necessary, especially after the many setbacks the people had to go through and combat the various problems during the two lockdowns. Bongjang displays emotional depth with a very well-written conversation between the mother and son which forms the soul of the movie. The body language and the voice modulation used by the actress bind the viewers to her journey therefore the film and the character stays with us.

Gautam Teron plays the role of the little boy with the same name. He completes the essence of the relationship between a mother and their children. Teron understands the nuances as he brings the innocence yet also gets to know about the responsibilities towards his birthplace. Gautam in the narrative is a source of inspiration to the upcoming generations. The actor is suitable for the part and his age makes him more real and relatable in the eyes of the younger lot of viewers.


My Courtyard talks about staying happy and sticking together as a remote tribal community despite all the struggles. The documentary tells us that Poverty and Covid 19 lockdowns shouldn’t be the reason for denying the right to education to children. The short film provides an opportunity for the audience to learn many things and take some time off the busy city life. It discusses how beautiful and emotionally diverse equation the mother and a son duo share. My Courtyard reiterates the fact of valuing time and stopping delaying important stuff, it can prove to be a hindrance in way of self-growth and working as an asset for the overall development of the community/ society we live in.

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