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My Autopsy

average rating is 4 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Jul 26, 2022

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My Autopsy
Directed by:
Holly Mollohan
Written by:
Holly Mollohan
Gareth Tidball, Dave Stishan, Devin Armel, Alexis Schneider, Serenity Valle

A woman's life deteriorates after she gets involved with the wrong man.


Rachel (Tidball) is a young woman who does not know what to do with her life. One day, she meets Vince (Stishan), who performs in a rock band and the two of them begin a romantic relationship. However, Vince turns out to be a vile person and mistreats Rachel and gives her drugs. Eventually, the relationship ends in tragedy and Rachel, who is now emotionally damaged, tries hard to get on with her life.


This feature is a rather dark psychological thriller that focuses on the life of woman who goes through very serious misfortunes and being unable to cope, she ends up falling deeper and deeper into her own personal abyss. The narrative follows her as she goes through terrible ordeals that involve being tormented by Vince, suffering the loss of a friend and dealing with the inner damages that are caused by her experiences. Although she is supported by Jill (Schneider), she seems unable to leave Vince behind and move on.


The film appears to show the negative sides of men, as the main male characters have immoral characteristics. Vince is shown to be the worst one as he is aggressive, controlling, violent and worse, and other men in the story are presented as being deceitful, disrespectful, inconsiderate and looking at women primarily with sexual intentions. Rachel falls victim to all these elements, which shows how such behaviour can ruin a person.


As the protagonist, Tidball is very dramatic as an individual whose mental state goes from bad to worse as she goes through harrowing experiences that include violence and loss. Stishan is menacing as the dominating and violent Vince and Schneider is great in her role as a person who cares about Rachel and wants her to find happiness.


There are nightmarish scenes and there is voice-over that reads the poems that Rachel writes in her notebook, which contain dark and upsetting subjects. The nightmares and the poems reveal the emotional pain that she is going through.


Mollohan also worked on the editing and creates wonderful montage sequences that make effective use of fast cutting. Director of photography JP Fulks does a great job in developing cinematography that generates a melancholic atmosphere and Sean Mollohan makes a significant contribution with the score and the interesting soundtrack includes numerous songs by a variety of artists.


This is a distressing story that explores the life of an individual as she goes through terrible suffering and finds herself lost in despair and sadness. It is an intriguing story about the devastating effects cruelty can have on a person and about discovering one's inner strength. It is not a pleasant viewing, it is a viewing with heavy drama that takes a hard-hitting look into some of life's harshest issues, such as wickedness, trauma, desperation and loneliness and how they affect people.

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Jason Knight
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