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Mnemosyn: Resolution Service

average rating is 4 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Dec 5, 2021

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Mnemosyn: Resolution Service
Directed by:
Jeda Cacioli, Scott Kingsnorth
Written by:
Jeda Cacioli
Johnny Vivash, Jeda Cacioli, Kirsten Foster, Alex Marlow

Through the use of advanced technology, a terminally ill man undergoes a procedure that will maintain his memories so that his daughter can have them after he has passed away.


William Merchant (Vivash) is a middle-aged man who has terminal cancer. He is estranged from his daughter and his final wish is to have his memories digitally saved for her to keep. This procedure involves a person interacting with an A.I. individual, whose appearance can be chosen and who listens to the information that needs to be kept and stores it on a digital format. Two scientists, Dr. Su (Foster) and Dr. Marsh (Marlow) have been assigned to deal with William's request and the A.I. he chose is a replica of Dr. Kiera Merchant (Cacioli), the scientist responsible for the creation of Mnemosyn, the programme he is taking part in. He then reveals to them that Kiera is his daughter.


This short is a moving sci-fi drama that deals with very strong subjects. A dying man, euthanasia, regrets, reconciliation, family tragedy, the wish to make up for past errors, the knowledge that one's life is coming to an end. This film is approximately twelve minutes long, yet it contains so much drama and it will most likely provide the viewer with an emotional experience.


The main focus is Vivash's character and he delivers a rather convincing and sentimental performance as a person who is suffering from a terminal disease and is determined to make things decent between him and his daughter and tell her the truth about her mother. Foster and Marlow play their part very well and Cacioli does a great job as the A.I. person.


One of the strongest aspects is the wonderful music. The score is beautiful, dramatic and mesmerising and it accompanies the images quite effectively, creating feelings of melancholy and tenderness.


This achievement is a powerful story about a man's final wish. The script has plenty of drama and tenderness and it explores the character of William well and Vivash's performance adds a great deal of positive qualities.

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