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Swati Verma


Posted on:

Nov 18, 2021

Film Reviews
Directed by:
Lissi Simpson
Written by:
Lissi Simpson
Chantal Brindley

The title of the short film Mexed is made up of two words- Me and Mixed. It indicates that the creative piece talks about someone's personal experiences. The cinematic piece poses a lot of questions at the very start. The makers have attempted to find the answers to the same. The film makes the issue clear to the audience with the title appearing on the black screen.


Mexed revolves around an emotional outburst of a biracial woman. She has raised her voice to support the black life matters campaign in 2020.


The protagonist featured in the video tells us about the hardships she faced as a child and continues to face them as she struggles to fit into society. She loses her trademark for people who don't feel the need to accept her natural self. She is angry at people who use the word "Frizzy" to refer to her hair. In the concluding moments of the movie she breaks free, heals, grows, and learns about the uniqueness of her personality.

The writer-director Lissi Simpson uses spoken word to give the film a personal touch and vent her anger. The movie showcases the journey of discovering, accepting, and loving self.

The filmmaker prefers the forest/ natural surroundings to go ahead with the making of the short film. This choice made by Lissi gives access to an open space to express all the sentiments the individual is trying to convey through this project.

Lissi creates a mixture of various elements like Dance, Emotions, hair type, and natural surroundings to come up with Mexed. It forces the audiences to engage with the content and think about all the questions Mexed raises.

The director Lissi Simpson also faces big challenges while presenting Mexed in front of the masses amidst the ongoing pandemic with the availability of limited resources and new corona virus rules imposed on the entertainment industry. Despite all the difficulties and restrictions, she manages to deliver a beautiful piece with a strong message in it

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