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Swati Verma


Posted on:

May 16, 2022

Film Reviews
Directed by:
Yazmin Joy Vigus
Written by:
Yazmin Joy Vigus
Yazmin Joy Vigus, Daisy Bevan, Tim Cartwright

The title of the short film-Mermaids has connotations of Feminism, luck, and happiness. The white font colour indicates finding the purity and peacefulness within. The writer-director Yazmin joy Vigus gives a youthful perspective to the subject matter of the cinematic piece. The dramatic element in the script increases the degree of engagement of the audience with the content of the movie.


The plot of the Mermaids revolves around two former best friends meeting again at a hen party in Cornwall but under the waves of disappointment and failure when Margo (Yazmin Joy Vigus) decides to return to her home from London.


The close-up and mid-shot are used by the cinematographer Simeon Geyer to establish the upheaval in the lives of both central characters Margo and Celeste (Daisy Bevan). The music, costume, jewelry, hair, and makeup help the creative team to differentiate between their personalities and to create a conflict so that the viewers remain hooked to the short film up until the end. The bags and suitcases do signify the life of an explorer chosen by Margo who is now looking for stability. On the other Celeste wants to add new colours to a monotonous lifestyle she is leading for years. The colour palette, lighting, set design, location, dialogues, and theme complements the vibe as well as the mood of the movie. I love how the filmmaker has showcased the portrayal of the female friendship onscreen. The chemistry the two actresses share makes their bond in the film even stronger thus transforming it into an emotionally gripping narrative for its audience.


In terms of performance, Yazmin Joy Vigus in the role of Margo is in search of calmness as she is trying very hard to deal with her quarter-life crisis. With her depiction of Margo the young actress can delve into the skin of the character and adds realism to it making it retable among the young people watching the creative piece.

Daisy Bevan as Celeste is well suited for the part. Bevan effortlessly expresses angst and anger with her best friend Margo who left her for a better career in London. Celeste is happy seeing her friend at the party after a long time but she does not want her emotions becoming a roadblock to Margo's professional success.

Tim Cartwright plays George in the film. Cartwright provides comic relief when the makers of the film introduce the audience to various nuances and layers in the character arcs of Margo and Celeste.


The movie Mermaids highlights the strength of womanhood and also defines the true meaning of unconditional love and friendship. The short film teaches us that fewer expectations and more understanding is the right mix for a fruitful relationship. This female oriented short film tells the audience that one should discuss their disappointments privately so that the society does not get a chance to judge the emotional vulnerability of people living in it.


The makers of the cinematic piece have given an open ended closure to the film allowing the viewers to interpret the movie as per their understanding.

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