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Swati Verma


Posted on:

Aug 27, 2021

Film Reviews
Directed by:
Wan Dinnie
Written by:
Wan Dinnie
Dilakonkan Oleh, Charlene Jane, Herlea Titieanna

The short film Merah has a black and white theme to it. The color pallet used in the cinematic piece helps highlight the "red" used to depict bullying. The red color holds connotations of evil and danger.

The film deals with the issue of bullying. It has a strong messaging incorporated in the plot that can get the audience to act against bullying. It also showcases the need to protect and fight for the physical and mental well -being by standing up with honesty.


The story is about a female student who is bullied at school by two girls. The lead character is left crying each time they harass her. The little girl finds peace and solace in the art of sketching. This time the girl she drew on paper comes out of it to help the central character stand up against the bullies. It pushes one of the bullies and slaps her for the wrongdoings against the lead. Both the trouble makers run away while they ask for forgiveness. The main character sees blood on her hand and realizes that she has slapped the girl. The girl who stood by her side all this long was just her imagination.

The girl coming out of the drawing could signify the inner soul of the student. It wants her to be strong and fight against this societal evil that children of all ages are experiencing daily.


No one from the cast and crew of this movie supports or promotes violence. The slap towards the close of the film indicates that the director wants to illustrate that the lead character did not have any option but to resort to the extreme step to teach bullies a lesson.


The director Wan Dinnie uses visual storytelling in a segment when the young woman comes out of the drawing. He has used Rotoscope animation to make the sketch come to reality in the film. This skill is used in the script so that the viewers believe in the character for the running time of the film.

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