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Jason Knight


Posted on:

Jan 16, 2022

Film Reviews
Directed by:
Alex Forster
Written by:
Gary Albert
Gary Albert

The recording of a live and mesmerising performance by Hackney multi-instrumentalist Gary Albert in front of an audience, inside a church.


Winner of multiple awards, including Best Live Performance and Best Sound Design, Luminosity is Albert's first live show after the COVID-19 pandemic and he was inspired to do this after reading the book titled The Universe is a Green Dragon by cosmologist Brian Swimme. Filming and editing was done by Alex Forster and it was mastered and mixed by Zaak Kerstetter.


This wonderful performance took place at St Cyprian's Church, Baker Street, London and the location and beautiful interior of the church helps create a peaceful atmosphere. Albert stands at the end of the large hall, facing the audience and in front of him are a microphone and his instruments, that include a flute and an electronic keyboard. He utilizes them with great care and produces beautiful music. Known as The Music Alchemist, Albert does an amazing job in mixing the sounds and ends up creating music that seems otherwordly. At times the score is tender, and it also becomes dynamic.


Albert also provides vocals and his voice sounds wonderful and full of passion. After he finishes a piece, he speaks to the audience about the wonders of the universe, about how full of miracles life is. His calm and passionate speeches make the whole experience feel more heavenly.


The performance takes place during night-time, which helps create a magical atmosphere. The hall is darkened and the colour of the lights and the way they have been set up makes the show more visually pleasing.


Various cameras record the event, filming the performer from either a long shot or a medium shot. The creative editing makes effective use of dissolve techniques.


This fifty-five-minute-long music video takes the viewer on a beautiful journey with unforgettable music by an artist whose passion and dedication are clearly evident in their performance. This recording provides the pleasure of observing an individual as he shares his creativity with the world and it is a viewing that is highly recommended.

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Jason Knight
Jason Knight
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