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Lost in Terra Dimension

average rating is 2 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Sep 15, 2022

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Lost in Terra Dimension
Directed by:
Kat Lehto, Lizelle Gutierrez
Written by:
Lizelle Gutierrez, Kat Lehto
Lizelle Gutierrez, Kat Lehto, Zoey Grayce, John Moamar, Colin Shull

A group of righteous forces do battle against an evil, powerful entity.


This fantasy feature focuses on two sisters, who are Zeandra (Gutierrez) and Spacle (Lehto) and a world of multiple dimensions and people with superpowers. After Spacle is captured by despicable Dictator Doom-X (Moamar), Zeandra must find a way to rescue her with the help of magical allies.


With a limited budget, filmmakers created an hour-long story that is a fairy tale adventure about love, magic, danger and courage and also explores themes of sisterhood and self-discovery. Although the two siblings are the main protagonists, the film contains multiple characters that include a group of women called Z-Fairies (no wings), Doom-X who serves as the main antagonist and his followers. Basically, the plot is a battle of Good vs Evil and a rescue mission. The screenplay follows Zeandra as she attempts to find her sister and also observes Spacle as she is being held captive.


The movie has plenty of elements that place it into the fantasy category and these elements include characters using their supernatural powers for combat, which resemble lightning and fire, a talking horse, a mask that makes the wearer invisible and a magic key. As this was filmed on a low budget, the special effects do not look great, however they are good enough to give the audience the right impression regarding what is happening in the scenes. Much of the story takes place in the countryside or at abandoned buildings.


Regarding the clothing, most of it is casual and nothing really stands out. The bad guys wear black, which is rather traditional in movies but apart from that, the clothers appear normal.


Going to the acting now, it would be hard to give it any praise as it is quite poor.


Vasilios Alagiannis and Ly Vui worked on the editing and utilise superimposition and dissolve techniques to decent effect. Vui also composed the score, along with Steven Lizama and the music sometimes sounds adventurous, emotional or magical. The sound effects are creative and a positive addition to the film.


Whether this feature is enjoyable pretty much depends on the person. In order for someone to enjoy this imaginative adventure, they will probably have to not take it seriously. The low production value is evident throughout and the occasional clumsy camerawork does not help. If a viewer can look past the flaws and focus on the story, then they might be content.

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