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Lethal Love

average rating is 3 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Apr 17, 2022

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Lethal Love
Directed by:
Michael Peace
Written by:
Michael Peace
Chloe English, George Caple, Emily Horrex

A vivid insight into a couple's deteriorating relationship.


Kate (English), a job-oriented person, arrives home only to find her partner George (Caple) there. Things between them have been rather tense recently and he is hoping that they might be able to sort things out. Unfortunately, it will not be easy, as she is quite upset and the two of them will have a bad argument.


This short has quite heavy drama and some dark comedy. The narrative begins with an argument, then things calm down and give the impression that a peaceful resolution is near, however it is not long before things go downhill again. The main focus are the heated verbal exchanges between Kate and George. They accuse each other, insult each other heavily and even get physical. The screenplay explores the factors that can lead to a couple's separation, including infidelity, not liking each other's parents or the spark between them disappearing. There is also a surprising plot twist.


English and Caple deliver strong performances and create very tense situations, aggressively lashing out at each other. They are both convincing as a couple with an unstable relationship and with deeply negative feelings towards one another.


Filming was done entirely in black-and-white and Jonathan Tyler's cinematography looks great. Music is included briefly and it sounds dramatic and goes well with the scenes.


This film is a story about the painful end of a romance, about a couple destroying what they had between them. The acting is great, the dialogue is well-written and it provides an attention-grabbing experience from start to finish.

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