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Les Autarciques

average rating is 3 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Aug 3, 2023

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Les Autarciques
Directed by:
Julien Botzanowski
Written by:
Julien Botzanowski
Sylvie Tonarelli, Adrien Malvoisin, Thomas Lesserteur, Emmanuelle Escourrou

A couple go to a remote home, where they are attacked by a small group of deranged people.


Astrid (Tonarelli) and her partner Tristan (Malvoisin) drive to an isolated house in the countryside, which belonged to Tristan's uncle, who passed away recently, with the intention of selling it. Shortly after they arrive things begin to get sinister. Creepy people appear to be spying on them and eventually, three dangerous individuals consisting of Charlot (Hintenoch), a large man and two women, Jeanne, a young one (Lamarque) and an older one (Escourrou) invade their residence, assault them and hold them captive.


This feature from France is a dark, home invasion thriller with interesting characters and plenty of tension, nail-biting moments and gore. The story is nothing new and contains cliches: people going to a remote location (usually a holiday home), where bad people appear and things get nasty. In this case, an unfortunate couple are menaced by three lowlifes who are staying at a hidden underground location nearby. Astrid and Tristan are bound and beaten and with the help of a local awkward loner named Loup (Lesserteur), they are able to fight back, resulting in stabbings, bloodshed and murder. The culprits' motive for the attack is not clearly explained, however it appears that they just hate those who have more than them.


Tonarelli and Malvoisin play a troubled couple who have common and personal problems. They have financial difficulties and due to a recent accident, Astrid is using a crutch to walk and she has a history of alcoholism, while Tristan suffers from agoraphobia. Their relationship has its ups and downs, however, they care deeply for each other. Between them, the three invaders are pretty much the same, which are three vicious and murderous individuals who enjoy violence and hide themselves from the world, emerging only to kill. And then there is Loup, an odd but good-hearted stranger whose character seems to be an example that people who appear to be rather different can still have similarities with others as like the killers, he is an outsider, yet, he proves to have things in common with Tristan.


This film contains what one would expect to find in a home invasion thriller: dangerous people, good-natured victims forced to defend themselves and a desperate fight for survival. Ultimately, there is nothing here that has not been seen before, nevertheless, this feature is tense, the plot and characters are intriguing and the atmospheric and sinister music by Scott Von Teufel is a big plus.

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Jason Knight
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