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Johnny Twoshoes

average rating is 4 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Sep 22, 2022

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Johnny Twoshoes
Directed by:
Emre Oran
Written by:
Emre Oran
Ed Allenby, Sophie Juge, Ashleigh Robson, Lisa Depuis, Wesley Lloyd, Mike Coleman

A man has a personality condition that complicates his life and gets him into all sorts of trouble.


James (Allenby) is in a relationship with co-worker Hayley (Robson). Once Hayley suspects that James might be up to something, she hires private detective Bridgette (Juge), only for the two of them to find out that James has been in a long-term relationship with Bridgette as well, and with a different name and job. As they spy on him with the help of a taxi driver (Coleman), they discover that James actually has a condition that causes him to change his personality and become a completely different person and live a number of lives with a unique identity for each. As Hayley and Bridgette try to get to the source of James's situation, they get involved with dangerous criminals, a kidnapping and more of James's personalities are revealed.


This crime comedy is an enjoyable feature that has an interesting plot and the characters are amusing.

The narrative begins with a more or less simple situation and as the story progresses, things rapidly get more and more complicated, with more and more characters arriving, as the multiple lives that 'James' lives are unravelled. The women that have been his partner in each of his personalities come together and confront him, leading to danger, confusion, mystery and the assistance of a psychologist (Lloyd). There are plenty awkward situations, life-threatening situations, laughs and guns and it is quite intriguing watching a man internally change into another person and trying to find out what made him that way.


Allenby does a great job as a person who appears to be suffering from some sort of multiple personality disorder and he effectively portrays each personality, along with the behaviour and accent. For instance, for a while he is a nice guy and then, suddenly, he is a dangerous outlaw. Robson, Juge, Coleman and Lloyd deliver amusing performances, particularly Depuis, with her portrayal of a menacing criminal.


The music that Jonathan McKinney provides is rather interesting, as it sounds kind of magical and creates a sort of fairy tale feeling and having it in the film is a great addition.


This movie is an enjoyable watch. It is funny, it is mysterious and the plot, the well-written dialogue, the humour and the performances make this feature an experience that is worth having.

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Jason Knight
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