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It Be an Evil Moon

average rating is 3 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Oct 3, 2023

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It Be an Evil Moon
Directed by:
Ben Etchells
Written by:
Ben Etchells
Ian Ray-White, Rod Glenn, Sue Moore, Karla Chan

A tolerant man's life changes after he turns into a vicious creature.


Things are not going well for Freddy (Ray-White). He is a middle-aged man, who lost his job as a scientist and now unwillingly works as a taxi driver and lives with his overbearing mother (Moore). On top of all this, he is associated with a bunch of criminals, who are led by Silon (Glenn), a rather nasty fella. However, Freddy still deals with his scientific research and is developing a hair growth formula from pickled wolfsbane. After experimenting on his guinea pig and having had enough of being pushed around, he tries it on himself and transforms into a hairy, human-like beast. From then on, chaos breaks out.


This feature could be categorised as a dark comedy horror film with a werewolf, with strong elements of crime thriller. The plot bears similarities to Peter Jackson's Braindead and Wolf, with Jack Nicholson. The protagonist is an unfortunate guy who lives with his mother and puts up with everything and everyone, until due to circumstances, he becomes infected, physically and mentally changes, resulting in him overcoming his problems. Indeed, the new Freddy gains confidence, starts dating a young woman (Chan) and brakes free from everything by standing up to a rude neighbor, killing the gangsters and hitting the road. It is then when it becomes a road movie, with transformed Freddy travelling through the countryside of Northern Britain, with no clear destination or goal, encountering a traveling couple, while Silon's even-more-dangerous twin brother Milyus (also played by Glenn) is in pursuit for vengeance. Numerous people will get killed as the savage fiend gets closer and closer to Freddy.


Unlike An American Werewolf in London, the protagonist maintains his humanity. Yes, his appearance changes, with long hair and a beard, pointed fingernails, sharp teeth (looking more like a caveman actually) and he howls (rather comically), yet he remains clothed and still behaves like a human by talking and driving and does not harm good people. Instead, Milyus is presented as the bad guy, murdering innocent people just like that.


The comical elements of the film exist predominantly due to Freddy's pre-werewolf character. He dreams of being a medieval warrior, behaves childishly, especially when he is in his laboratory at home and maintains a similar behaviour as a werewolf.


Regarding the screenplay, it feels random at times, particularly with the beginning, where a man is apparently killed by a werewolf and it is not clear how this sequence is connected to the rest of the narrative. It could also be said that it takes too long for the transformation to occur and things to become exciting.


The soundtrack is a factor that gives the film an atmosphere that feels strange, as the score is unusual for a monster movie. There is electronic music, piano melodies and an opera song that is played a couple of times throughout.


This is a werewolf horror comedy that has gangsters, gory murders and interesting characters. It is also a story about character development, self-esteem, freedom and finding the courage to stand up for oneself. Is it worth watching? For the first half hour, people might have to be patient and after that, things pick up significantly.

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Jason Knight
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