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Isla Soledad

average rating is 4 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Aug 12, 2023

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Isla Soledad
Directed by:
Omar Deneb Juarez
Written by:
Omar Deneb Juarez
Leidi Gutierrez, Gadiel Brambila, Maria del Refugio Gutierrez

A young woman struggles to get her life back on track.


Sonia (Gutierrez) is a single mother, whose past mistakes have resulted in her son Angelito (Brambila) been taken into custody. Now working as a cleaner, she is determined to get him back, however she is facing further challenges that include taking care of her ill grandmother (Refugio Gutierrez), attempting to fix the electicity in her home and dealing with financial difficulties.


This short from Mexico is an emotional and hard-hitting drama about a woman who is forced to overcome very hard times if she is to move on to better things. The screenplay looks into the aftermath of Sonia's irresponsible past actions, examining her current situation, which is far from good. She does her best to stay on top of things and the hardships that she is going through are vividly present, however so is the joy that she feels when she is with her child.


Gutierrez delivers an outstanding performance as a person who is dealing with multiple issues simultaneously and yet she remains strong internally. It is hinted that she is recovering from substance abuse and her ultimate goal is to get her son back and take him to Isla Soledad.


The wonderful cinematography by Olivia Luengas is a great plus and so is the creative editing by Tom Turner. The dramatic and atmospheric music by Carlos Virgilio Mendoza is another valuable feature.


Through the eyes of a struggling but determined woman, this film explores the hardships of life, the joys of being a parent and the power inner strength. It is a painful story but also a beautiful and moving one.

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Jason Knight
Jason Knight
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