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Jason Knight


Posted on:

Dec 8, 2022

Film Reviews
Directed by:
Asad Panjwani
Written by:
Asad Panjwani
Olesia Nikolaiets, Ciaran Cochlan, Asad Panjwani, Sarah Collins

An online celebrity is pursued by an obsessed fan.


While walking home one night, social media influencer Amber (Nikolaiets) is approached by Dane (Cochlan), a man who claims to be one of her followers. He proceeds to speak to her and offer her chocolates and refuses to leave her alone, causing her to panic and run to her house. He runs after her and enters her property by force. What follows is a nasty confrontation that goes from bad to worse.


This short is a stalker thriller that explores the world of internet personalities, particularly the bad side of it. It suggests that social media celebrities can affect certain individuals the wrong way and that can have very unfortunate consequences. It also points out that sometimes influencers can be double-faced and pretend to have a certain personality, in the interest of gaining followers.


The film is tense and has plenty of nail-biting moments. Dane chases Amber through a street and the two of them get into a physical confrontation inside her home. Things get more and more out of hand and become life-threatening. However, there are also comedic moments, such as when the crazed fan removes his shoes once he has entered Amber's property. It is not clear whether the story is also meant to be a dark comedy, however the comical feeling is there.


The acting is not the best, but that does not spoil the film. Nikolaiets plays an internet celebrity whose job has ended up getting her more than she bargained for. Cochlan is the one who steals the show with his vivid portrayal of a disturbed individual who is obsessed with Amber.


Praise goes to the dynamic, tense and sinister score, which works rather effectively during the opening, where Dane is introduced, making it clear that he has sinister intentions. Special mention also goes to fight choreographer Holly Prentice, who makes the hand-to-hand fight scenes tense and vicious. The stylised closing credits also deserve commendations.


This short is definitely interesting and keeps the viewer on the edge of their seat. It is a story about obsession, mental health and the dangers of being an online celebrity. The fact that it ends on a cliffhanger may be unsatisfying for some, but may be approved by others.

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