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In Pain Season

average rating is 3 out of 5


Swati Verma


Posted on:

Jan 3, 2023

Film Reviews
In Pain Season
Directed by:
Shayaan Ahmad
Written by:
Shayaan Ahmad
Raja Aryan Shaddat, Leon Keayz, Kieran Rees

The writer-director Shayan Ahmad builds up the intriguing screenplay around two major elements conflict and drama to address a very important issue through the two protagonists Raja Aryan Saddat and Leon Keayz.


The plot of the short film - In  Pain Season revolves around two male best friends involved in several thefts to avenge all the wrong done to them in the past.


The film opens with a long shot of the city at night time with dim lighting and eerie sound along with the noise of the car engine running providing a sense of mystery and thrill so that the filmmaker keeps the audience hooked to the content from the very beginning. The camera closely follows the characters quickly switching to a series of mid-shots followed by a series of close-up shots showcasing the details of the conversation to establish the subject matter of the movie. The shaky camera work denotes how rocky and unpredictable the lives of the main leads have been and the efforts they are making in hope of a better future for themselves are commendable. The combination of white, black, and blue colour pallet depicts the range of emotions experienced by each character as the narrative flow smoothly making the viewers eagerly wait for the climax.


In terms of performance, Raja Aryan Saddat plays the Asian person who had to go through hard times because of belonging to a particular community. Saddat brilliantly portrays the pain, the anger the disappointment with his body language and voice modulation but also illustrates the strength of character to stand by what he believes in to achieve the set goal.

Leon Keayz plays the best friend of the Asian man and is like a partner in crime and also wants to fight and set an example for people like him. Keayz brings the needed light-hearted comic relief to the script heavy on emotions, action, and conundrum.

Kieran Rees plays the police officer who has been assigned the case. Rees showcases the dedication towards work and determination to catch those responsible for the theft. Even though the audience is sympathising with the two protagonists also wish for the result of this cat and mouse chase to be favourable for both parties.


In Pain Season reiterates the fact that revenge cannot be the solution to every problem in one’s life. The cinematic piece tells us that the policy of what goes around comes around is true so we shouldn’t worry about the fruitful result and only concentrate on our karma. The movie talks about the need for emotional support from loved ones at the testing time of crisis. The dramatic piece discusses that having a lot of money isn’t directly proportionate to happiness or peace of mind so the decisions should be made with the long-term well-being of self and others in mind. In Pain Season restates that life gives varied opportunities to choose the best option and people should not fall for shortcuts or a wrong path as it initially feels like a rose bed till bigger problems begin to surface.



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