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Highland Home

average rating is 3 out of 5


Swati Verma


Posted on:

Apr 27, 2022

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Highland Home
Directed by:
Dan Schaefer
Written by:
Dan Schaefer
Karen Johnson Miller, Grant Gosch

The title of the music video-Highland Home has connotations of hills, mountains, and valleys. The Scottish heather symbolizes good luck, admiration, and protection. The writer-director Dan Schaefer builds the narrative around a fairy tale love story between the Scottish couple (Karen Johnson Miller and Grant Gosch) and manages to entice the audience with the content of the song. This elegant flower showcases the admiration towards each other in the video and it becomes an essential element to get their admiration to transform into love. This musical piece is an adaptation of the original song by Kurt Rosenberg.

The plot of this music video revolves around a poignant tale of longing and loss revealed when a time-worn journal transports a young girl to a place of enchanting wonders.


The cinematographers John Waller and Ben Canales capture the beautiful landscape as well as the culture of Scotland in the video. The delightful yet graceful countryside is also covered to bring out the beauty of the tune. The elements like set design, special effects, props, costume, hair, makeup, and the dance choreographer help in enhancing the look and feel of the romantic song along with the chemistry between the lead couple. The melodious voice of the singer KJ Miller highlights the journey of a young woman having a certain set of dreams and aspirations about love and her prince charming. A simple storyline and the choice of a beautiful location increase the degree of engagement of the audience with the creative piece making it relatable for the viewers. The soft background music in the opening sequence of the song is well suited to showcase the tenderness of the moment when a youngster is trying to discover about herself. The black and brown colour palette is used by the filmmaker initially at the start of the Highland Home and later various colours burst when the little girl delves into the dreamy land.


In the performance department, Taylor Hennelly plays the teenage Heather. Hennelly's eyes and body language exude excitement and happiness and inspire children to maintain a diary and write about their dreams hoping for them to come true one day. Heather forces the parents to relive their young days once again through this music video.

Karen Johnson Miller plays the grownup Heather who wants to find the love of her life. She uses music and dance to attract a suitor for her. Miller can portray the range of emotions a love- struck lady goes through and elevates it with the brilliant singing to accompany the same.

Grant Gosch plays the love interest of Heather (Karen Johnson Miller). He ticks all the boxes of a suitable life partner every girl desires for. Gosch gives a sense of how being loved feels like every time he comes onscreen.


The theme of the Highland Home is all about dreams and unconditional love. One should not give up on dreaming or falling in love because it did not go as planned in the past. It teaches the audience to be hopeful and happy in life always. The music video also tells the viewers about the importance of self-love.


The only flaw I could find in this musical piece is that the makers should include the subtitles so that the audience can follow the lyrics and enjoy the song in its entirety.


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