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Heart Failure

average rating is 4 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Feb 15, 2022

Film Reviews
Heart Failure
Directed by:
Will Wightman
Written by:
Will Wightman
Leon Newman, Harry Hancock, Izzie Frymann

A music video about the romantic life of a young man.


This short focuses on the relationship between Frank (Newman) and Izzie (Frymann). There is a story throughout and it reveals the beginning of their romance, how it blossomed and how it eventually came to an end. With a duration of ten minutes, the narrative is told fast, with many brief scenes taking place.


There is signing throughout, which is primarily done by Newman. The lyrics tell the story and explore the characters and also work as voice-over. Additional signing is done by Hancock and both performers do a great job. At one point, the singing turns into rapping and it is done so with effective results. There are also brief scenes that contain normal dialogue.


Wightman also worked on the music, along with Will Marchant. Together, they created an electronic score that is dynamic and a joy to listen to and combining with the singing is makes it even better.


Regarding the narrative, it explores the couple's relationship rapidly and in detail. Frank and Lizzie are seen having a good time together, having intercourse and generally enjoying being with each other. After things between them end, Frank becomes miserable. Overall, the mood is comical and has moments of drama. It should be mentioned that there is profanity and adult humour.


The video provides an insight into how people communicate in today's world, which is through the use of technology. Frank spends a great deal of time on his mobile phone, texting, looking at photos and utilising social media.


Newman does a good job as a young man who experiences romance and goes through a break-up and he comes across as a likeable person. Generally, the cast deliver amusing performances.


Wightman does a great job with the editing and through the use of fast cutting creates interesting montages. As the director of photography, Marchant develops wonderful cinematography.


This short could be described as a romantic comedy musical for grown-ups. It seems to carry the message that people should accept that a relationship has ended and that they need to move on. The story is simple: boy-meets-girl and a relationship begins, which is fine because the strongest aspects here are the singing and the music and along with the performances by the cast, this viewing is an enjoyable experience.

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