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Hannah More

average rating is 3 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Apr 8, 2022

Film Reviews
Hannah More
Directed by:
Diana Taylor
Written by:
Lily Maryon, Kathleen Fitzpatrick Milton, Joanna Smith, Magda Pakula, Katy More

A biopic about the life and remarkable achievements of English writer, playwright, poet and philanthropist Hannah More, who was born in 1745, in Bristol.


This period drama follows her life's journey, beginning from childhood, all the way to old age. The script contains many significant accomplishments and personal tragedies, including her education at a school that was run by her older sisters, where she also taught later, her engagement to a wealthy man, which was subsequently ended, the start of her career as a playwright and her involvement in educating the poor and assisting in bringing an end to slavery in the British Empire. Several historical events are also referenced, including the American Revolutionary War and the French Revolution. Her collaboration with significant figures of English Literature and Arts are also shown, including Samuel Johnson and David Garrick.


The strong screenplay effectively portrays More's struggles to achieve her goals and reveals the strong bond she had with her sisters. The audience follows her as she gains knowledge, meets people and moves up into the world.


The mise-en-scene contains furniture from the 18th and 19th century and the costumes are one of the best aspects of the feature as they look fantastic and give the impression that they belong in that era. Liz Muir and Rebecca Moroz develop wonderful music that adds significant value to the viewing experience.


There are texts that announce important dates and events that took place during that time and the entire background is filled with a lovely hand-drawn image that depicts events that are related to what is taking place at that part of the story.


This biographical movie acknowledges and praises the life of an outstanding individual and the contributions that they made to the world. At certain points, the acting is not too great, nevertheless, for those who are interested in Hannah More and enjoy historical dramas, this is a film that is worth checking out.

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