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Good Old Friends

average rating is 3 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Dec 4, 2022

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Good Old Friends
Directed by:
Peter Kondra, Mikael Schallock
Written by:
Peter Kondra
Andrej Vickers, Peter Kondra, Mikael Schallock

Three friends get together in Berlin to have some fun and catch up on things. However, a terrible event changes everything.


Mike (Schallock) is a film actor who has just arrived in Berlin in order to meet up and spend time with two friends who he has not seen in a while. These friends are Marc (Vickers) and Pete (Kondra), who is a drug dealer. They have a good time together and talk about their lives. Then something happens that abruptly ends their fun.


This amusing feature has a narrative that changes half-way through. The first half is a dark comedy that takes place primarily inside Marc's apartment and focuses on the three friends as they enjoy themselves by drinking, taking drugs and discussing the ups and downs of their lives. Things take a sharp left turn after the tragedy, turning the movie into a road movie thriller, as two characters drive around the city, trying to figure out how to dispose of a dead body. Still, the film maintains its dark humour throughout.


Although, the free buddies are living different lives, Mike and Pete have quite a few things in common when it comes to enjoying life and forgetting about their worries. On the other hand, Marc stands out because he works a lot and has trouble getting away from his laptop even when he is at home. The acting is not very good, nevertheless, this does not prevent the performances from being entertaining.


The directing is creative and includes wonderful aerial shots that capture the beauty of Berlin and the filmmakers make effective use of slow motion and lighting techniques. The movie also gains from an enjoyable soundtrack.


This is a crime dark comedy that offers a good time during its one-and-a-half-hour duration. It has plenty of dark humour, interesting protagonists, well-written dialogue and creates good suspense too.

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Jason Knight
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