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Golden Child

average rating is 3 out of 5


Swati Verma


Posted on:

Jul 8, 2022

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Golden Child
Directed by:
Jamie Milligan
Written by:
Jamie Milligan
Harriet Perkins, Tom Kane

The name of the short film - Golden Child chosen by the writer-director Jamie Luke Milligan means the one who is favoured or favourite in the family or at work. The female protagonist Fi (Harriet Perkins) falls into this category as she tries super hard to bring her dysfunctional family together. The white font used for the title of the movie signifies selfless love, purity, innocence, and dedication in the character arc of Fi as she balances her duties and personal life.


The plot of the cinematic piece revolves around Fi returning to her brother's apartment to find Toby (Tom Kane) drunk. She has got an hour to sober him up and keep his drinking habit a secret when their parents come to celebrate her new job.


In the opening scene, the background sound and slightly shaky camera work by cinematographer Chris Fergusson establish a sense of urgency in the minds of the audience regarding the subject matter of the film. The mid and close-up shots are used effectively to build an emotional bond between the onscreen siblings, therefore, assisting the viewers to engage with the family drama. The mixture of grey, white and black colour palette along with the combination of dim and natural lighting and the set design intensifies the drama ensuring the storyline moves smoothly. The dialogue and body language of the characters have been kept natural and realistic so that the audience can relate to the content and learn from the film.


In the performance department, Harriet Perkins plays Fi who dislikes inappropriate behaviour like drinking alcohol but the love and concern for her little brother Toby overpower her disliking and she decides to concentrate on stealing a happy day for everyone from the daily routine. Perkins effortlessly portrays the mixture of emotions Fi is going through; ranging from love to anger. The young actress uses voice modulation aptly to communicate what emotional trauma has done to her but she wants to cope with it to protect her loved ones.

Tom Kane takes up the role of Toby. Kane has prepared for his character and picked up on the nuances so that he could do justice to Toby. Toby is a person with multiple layers in his personality. The love and care for his sister are evident in his eyes but the struggle to quit the bad habits is the most challenging for him.


The short film Golden Child teaches its audience the importance of not running away from fears and responsibilities in life. The creative piece reiterates the fact that family ties can give the emotional strength to fight against all the issues. The movie highlights the need to bridge the gap between the parents and children to function better as a family unit. The film also talks about the necessity of siblings who can become friends, philosophers, or guides to the problems not suitable to discuss with elders. Golden Child also warns against drinking alcohol which causes self-harm, instead invest the time to be happy and contented with the achievements in life.

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