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Alasdair MacRae


Posted on:

Jul 14, 2022

Film Reviews
Directed by:
Alexandre David Lejuez
Written by:
Alexandre David Lejuez
Eva Langlet, Alexandre David Lejuez



When Angèle (Eva Langlet) leaves the house one day without a face mask she is kidnapped by a killer known as The Dictator (Alexandre David Lejuez). Once held captive in his dingy loft The Dictator then forces a mask onto her and proceeds to torture and rape her. In the intervals between torture, Angèle fantasizes about her death, be it by her own hand or by her captor.


What director Alexandre David Lejuez presents here is anti-mask, anti-vax rhetoric in a wrapping of misogynistic violence. He seems to conflate the needs of the public health system with genocide, religious persecution, and martyrdom. The film opens with a quote from political philosopher and Holocaust survivor Hannah Arendt, as if the Holocaust and wearing a face mask are comparable!? From there Lejuez, fittingly both playing The Dictator and being the film’s director, forces Angèle to be sick in her own mask, beats her repeatedly, and engages in a prolonged rape scene that lasts for five whole minutes. Then after seeing Angèle die many violent deaths we are left with the closing image of Christ on the cross. Staggering.


To be clear Genocidium is not challenging or culturally significant like the films associated with New French Extremity. Nor does it have the constructs of a Lars Von Trier or Michael Haneke film. And it does not meet the grade of lo-fi pulp that is associated with Rob Zombie. It is simply a flimsy and insulting allegory shot mostly at a Dutch angle and accompanied by classical music in order to disguise itself as being capable of containing a credible idea.

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