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Follow the Dead

average rating is 3 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Feb 8, 2023

Film Reviews
Follow the Dead
Directed by:
Adam William Cahill
Written by:
Adam William Cahill
Luke Corcoran, Tadhg Devery, Marybeth Herron, Luke Collins, Christina Ryan

Something terrible is taking place in Ireland. Could it be a zombie outbreak?


The story takes place in Offaly county, where peculiar and violent incidents are taking place. Robbie (Corcoran), his sister Liv (Herron) and their cousins Chi (Devery) and Jay (Collins) all live in a house, in that area. As the community begins to panic over the incidents, things get further complicated by a group of vigilantes who believe that the events are a sign for revolution and by Robbie's former partner Kate (Ryan) who re-emerges back into his life. As the threat escalates, the four relatives attempt to keep things stable and get through the situation.


This horror comedy tells a story about a zombie apocalypse through the perspective of two siblings and their two cousins. Although this feature is about the undead being unleashed, they are absent for the majority of the film. The screenplay focuses a lot on the lives of the main characters and the relationships they have with each other, particularly the relationship between Robbie and Kate. Pretty much the first half is about the heroes discussing the terrible things that are taking place and also their personal problems. It isn't until much later that the heroes encounter zombies and do battle. There is plenty of dark humour throughout, however there are also moments that are quite tender and moving.


The characters are interesting and the most entertaining one is the cheerful but naive Chi, who constantly wears a robe. Robbie is a man who is deeply affected when Kate reappears and does not know how to handle it. Liv is trying to be an online celebrity and films events during the outbreak, hoping that uploading them will increase her polularity. Generally, the performances are strong and effective at being amusing or emotional.


Commendations go to the make-up effects. The bloodied zombies look quite hideous, with their eyes having an unnatural bright colour. Praise also goes to composer Steven McKenna for the sinister score.


This is more than just a zombie comedy film. It is a story about family values, reconciliation, self-discovery and obsession with internet fame. Fans of Shaun of the Dead are the ones who will most likely enjoy this feature the most.

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Jason Knight
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