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Flawsome: Sex, Drugs & Recipes

average rating is 3 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Oct 7, 2023

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Flawsome: Sex, Drugs & Recipes
Directed by:
Claudia Dzienny
Written by:
Rachel Giddens
Rachel Giddens, Christina Sankari, Kym Jackson, Shaun Martindale

A young woman is assigned to work with a celebrity chef, following a scandalous incident that threatens to ruin her reputation.


Created and written by Giddens, this Australian web series consists of six episodes, each of which has an approximately ten-minute duration. The story is set in Sydney and follows Katy (Sankari), a young film graduate who now works in the television industry and Monica Flawsom (Giddens), a British celebrity cook, who sexualises her cooking shows. After her former assistant was fired for causing an embarrassing scene involving Monica that was captured on film, the footage went viral and her image is now in trouble. Now, with Katy as her new assistant, and with the help of Kym (Cook), the head of the cooking show in which Monica stars and Mike (Martindale), the show's feminist director, Monica will attempt to rebuild her image and prepare for the Celebrity Chef Cook Off competition.


This mini series is a comedy drama with plenty of cheeky dialogue, sexual content and awkward situations, most notably one that involves a courgette. The main focus is the relationship that develops between Katy and Monica, which has its ups and downs and they get to know each other and help one another.


The interesting characters are one of the show's greatest strengths and Monica is arguably the one who steals the show. She is a famous chef who is a bit of a diva, swears a lot, takes drugs, removes her clothing when she gets upset and takes her image very seriously and presents her cooking whith sexual remarks and also has a big sexual appetite (so to speak). Yet, she appears to be crumbling now and struggling to understand what she needs in order to get back on track. Katy's life is effectively explored. She is a Greek Australian, who lives with her caring mother (Barbara Goustos) and she is an ambitious person who does her best to support Monica. The supporting characters include Terry the Sound Guy (Adrian Twigg), Monica's lover Serge (Hafedh Dakhlaoui) and celebrity vegan chef Saskia.


Regarding the soundtrack, the series benefits from a selection of enjoyable songs that include pop music and R&B. Big commendations go to Calum Riddell for the impressive cinematography.


This web series is a satirical commentary about reality TV, social media, friendship, self-esteem and explores the darker side of fame. People who enjoy adult humour and are looking for a good laugh should look into this one.

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