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Even Monsters Can Be People

average rating is 3 out of 5


Swati Verma


Posted on:

Dec 6, 2021

Film Reviews
Even Monsters Can Be People
Directed by:
Kevin Gater
Written by:
Kevin Gater
Ferdinand Bernander , Ola Normellie

The word "Monster" has been given green color with a different font to attract children towards the film. The genre of the cinematic piece is horror-comedy. The filmmaker gives it a child's perspective. "Even monsters can be people" forces the audience to think about the deeper meaning it tries to communicate. The movie talks about being open to experiences and not having a preconceived notion about the subject matter. It also delves into the hardships of parenthood. Parents continuously protect and safeguard their children from all the cruelty the world outside has to offer.


In the opening scene, the dim lighting and the sound effects are crucial elements of filmmaking that the director uses to justify the genre of horror-comedy that makes the audiences interested in what the film deals with. The lighting of Billy's room also gives the desired warmth in the scene shared by the father and son. It also showcases the dynamics of the film. The audience engagement in the narrative from the starting point in the story is because of the brilliant camera work done for the short film.

A child is scared to sleep peacefully due to the unearthly creatures in his room. The father comes to help him solve the core problem of the monsters and assist the little boy fight off his fears.


The writer-director -Kevin Gater has given the film an open-ended closure so that it is open for interpretation from its audiences. He has put together a script to build up the tension and reveal the facts only when the time comes. The audiences are always eagerly waiting for the turn the storyline will take next.


Ferdinand Bernander, who plays Billy, can hold the narrative together and deliver the message the creative piece is trying to put across to the viewers with his expressions and reactions to all the dialogues coming from the father. Ola Normellie plays the father. Ola Normellie as a dad is quite convincing and relatable. The dialogue delivery is apt for the genre as he adds the comic element to the script and makes it child friendly. The bond between the actor in their respective characters is visible onscreen as the father is telling stories to Billy to make him happy. The movie can capture all the little nuances of rapport between the parents and their children.

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Swati Verma
Swati Verma
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