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Ebony Grace - Lucy

average rating is 4 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Dec 18, 2021

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Ebony Grace - Lucy
Directed by:
Tamas Levardi
Written by:
Ebony Grace
Ebony Grace

A beautiful and mesmerising music video that depicts an isolated woman and a world moving backwards in slow motion.


Musical artist Ebony Grace collaborated with Tamas Levardi, record engineer and producer Oliver Baldwin and mastering engineer Pete Maher and the result is a three-and-a-half-minute video that is a joy to watch and listen to.


The video keeps cutting between a young woman who is by herself in what appears to be an underpass and various locations that include neighbourhoods, trains, buildings, beaches, the ocean and boats in a harbour. All of the shots take place in slow motion and in the ones that the woman is not present, time is moving backwards, with all the movements smoothly and gradually going back in time. Therefore, the audience sees people walking, cycling and running backwards, birds flying backwards and vehicles such as cars, motorbikes and a small plane travelling backwards as well. All these are seen in terrific establishing shots, that also capture beautiful skies.


Going to the scenes that show the woman now, she is seen either walking or dancing in slow motion. She never says a word and there are occasional closeups of her face. She seems to be rather thoughtful and serious.


Regarding the title song, it consists of wonderful instrumental sounds and Grace's gentle and spellbinding vocals. The combination of these two produces a listening experience that is calming, peaceful and magical.


What is the video about? This could be open to interpretation. It focuses on an individual who appears to be isolated and stand out from the rest of the world, which could be because she sees things from an unusual perspective and this perspective might be that she wishes that time could be turned back and the scenes that present time flowing in reverse could be her wish becoming true.


Generally, this music video is quite tender, thanks to the use of slow motion from start to finish and the soothing song. The combination of the visuals and the music almost take the viewer on a journey into a world where time can be reversed and there is nothing but peace and beauty. The visuals are beautiful, the song is beautiful and to summarise, it is a beautiful viewing experience.

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