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Dinner With Gov

average rating is 4 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Jan 3, 2022

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Dinner With Gov
Directed by:
Josh Yellin-Flaherty
Written by:
Josh Yellin-Flaherty
Adrian Abel Amador, Alyssa Heinemann, John Ennis, Milena Crowley

A young man confesses to his girlfriend that he has an imaginary friend.


Rob (Amador) and Rebecca (Heinemann) are a couple and they are having dinner at a fancy restaurant. They plan to move in together in the near future and Rebecca is rather excited about this. Rob is less so as he has something he wants her to know, so that they can move on with their relationship. He has a friend named Gov (Ennis), problem is he claims that he is the only one that can see Gov. This extraordinary news shocks Rebecca and Rob attempts to convince her that Gov actually exists, even after she starts seeing him herself.


This is a clever, amusing story with a rather intriguing plot. The narrative starts of with normality and after Rob makes the revelation, things get more and more awkward and appear to move towards the supernatural. The main aspect is Rebecca's reaction to Rob's revelation and it is entertaining watching her trying to find out whether Gov is real or whether she is losing her mind. The plot twist at the end will most likely take the viewer by surprise.


Heinemann's performance is vital in making this film work as her character is the one who receives the news. She is very convincing as a joyful and optimistic person whose world is turned upside-down after learning about her boyfriend's 'friend'. Ennis has a rather interesting role as an imaginative individual, who comes across as laid-back and turns out to be demanding as he reveals that when he moves in with the couple, he will be needing his own bedroom and office.


Caleb Yellin-Flaherty worked on the editing and cinematography and did a great job in both areas. The viewer will have the pleasure of listening to gentle classical music throughout.


This is a ten-minute-long story with great acting, well-written dialogue and a plot that will probably keep the audience guessing until the end. It has humour and drama and the main message seems to be that sometimes people are not ready to move on to the next stage in their relationship.

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