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Dinner At The Cabin

average rating is 3 out of 5


Swati Verma


Posted on:

Oct 17, 2023

Film Reviews
Dinner At The Cabin
Directed by:
Neil George
Written by:
Neil George

The white font used for the name of the short film- Dinner At The Cabin has connotations of cold and isolation maintaining the suspense and thrill in the script assisting the writer-director Neil George to establish the subject matter of the movie therefore increasing the degree of audience engagement with the content of the film.


The plot of Dinner At The Cabin revolves around a scary campfire story when Sam and Natalie’s laid-back weekend takes a dark, mysterious, and unexpected turn.


Dinner At The Cabin opens with a combination of a long shot and tracking shot following a road trip along with music playing in the background making it intriguing, real, and relatable for the viewers as they get more and more involved with every turning point of the screenplay. The bird chirping in the woods can communicate the anticipated danger and warning of some unforeseen events that can be detrimental to the lives of the two female protagonists present in the Cabin. The card game introduced in the narrative portrays a sense of adventure, and risky yet a practical outlook similar to the genre of suspense and thriller. A well-written story of the past related to the cabin helps enhance the spooky horror element of the storyline to pace up the narrative to reach the unexpected climax. The set design, white, black, and peach colour palette, camera angles, lighting, sound, dialogues, costume, hair, makeup, and props have been kept simple to complement the natural flow, depth as well as continuity of the storytelling of the film.


In terms of performance, the writer-director Neil George builds up two different character arcs for leading characters therefore allowing the audience an opportunity to interpret a multi-dimensional perspective of the narrative keeping them hooked to it even with a short run time of 7 minutes. The psychological element utilised to evoke fear in the minds of the audience is a good move to use the eerie sound so that the viewers tends to stay interested in solving the suspense as well as the mystery created by the makers. Both the leading ladies understands the nuances of their characters utilizing body language and voice modulation to delve into the attention to detail is very important to bring out the authentic emotional moments from the audience’s side.


Dinner At The Cabin talks about true friends staying together in every situation and combating all the difficult times with unconditional love and support. The short film reiterates the fact that spending time away from the everyday hustle and bustle of the big cities and sharing one’s problems with someone can help heal and become a better version of themselves. The dramatic piece highlights the significance of constant changes that life throws at us so we should always be ready to adapt to them and keep moving forward. The cinematic piece tells its audience that one shouldn’t believe in any superstition and that being open to helping a person in need is a good deed without hoping for anything in return.

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