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Jason Knight


Posted on:

Oct 8, 2021

Film Reviews
Directed by:
Fatty Soprano, Shawn Vasquez
Written by:
Fatty Soprano, Aidan Grossman, Marie Luciani
Marie Luciani, Aidan Grossman, Geoff Mays, Mercedesz Mesza

A teenage girl realizes that she is growing up and decides to make significant changes in her life.


A young girl (Luciani) is at home, inside a large bedroom, where she is applying makeup on the face of a young man (Grossman), who is approximately the same age as her. That man is her brother and he is dressed in women's clothing. As she works on the makeup, she tells her brother soon she will be turning eighteen and that she has decided to use money she has saved to pay for breast implants. She explains that she is going to do this because a girl named Charlotte (Meszaros), who is a former friend of hers, did the same and her life changed. She became popular and began receiving offers to appear in photoshoots and rap videos. She seems to envy Charlotte's success and wishes to accomplish the same. And she believes that getting breast implants will get her there.


This interesting short drama explores themes of coming-of-age, self-discovery, depression, jealousy, being different and how social media affect young people. During her long monologue, the girl mentions that Charlotte has many followers on Instagram, in comparison to her and she is annoyed by that as she seems to believe that being popular online is a big deal. The film seems to suggest that social networking services can have negative consequences on a person't psychology.


The long monologue that the heroine delivers goes on almost throughout the whole film. Her desire to move on to better things is clearly expressed and so are her feelings. Apart from doing the makeup, she is occasionally seen standing in the room or lying on the bed while talking. Luciani plays her part well. Her brother remains silent, sitting still while the makeup is applied. With the exception of a few outdoor shots at the beginning, the entire narrative takes place inside the bedroom.


The mise-en-scene is intriguing. The room's walls are covered with Christmas lights, CDs and posters of entertainers or television shows. There are various books scattered here and there and there is guitar. All these provide information about the characters' interests and hobbies.


The cinematography is wonderful and according to the filmmakers, they aimed to give this project a 90s look. There is also brief black-and-white cinematography and a short montage of black-and-white stills. The beautiful piano music provides a melancholic feeling.


During the final moments, the atmosphere changes dramatically, becoming rather sinister. A man enters the room, who appears to be their father. He seems angry with them and shows signs that he is about to use violence. Here, the film seems to be raising awareness for domestic violence.


Dimanche provides an insight into the kind of influences that social media have on the lives of young people and will most likely offer the viewer a thoughtful experience.

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Jason Knight
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