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Jason Knight


Posted on:

Dec 1, 2022

Film Reviews
Directed by:
Gary J Hewitt
Written by:
Gary J Hewitt
Susan Sims, Sophie Clifton

A woman is digging at a beach, searching for something very special.


A woman (Sims) arrives by car at a desserted seashore and proceeds to walk towards the sea. She has brought a spade with her, with which she begins digging in the sand. She is obviously looking for something, as she ends up digging multiple holes because she cannot remember where exactly what she wants is buried. Eventually, it becomes apparent that she is there due to a devastating event.


This short drama begins with the protagonist arriving at the beach, without providing explanations ragarding what she is up to. As the story progresses, more and more clues come to light through a series of flashbacks that alternate with the present scenes of the woman digging. These flashbacks show the woman happily spending time on the same beach with her daughter (Clifton) and burying a metal box, before filling it with belongings of sentimental value. The woman has decided to retrieve that box and her reasons are heartbreaking.


This is a very sad story that is basically the aftermath of a tragedy. It centers on a person whose life has been deeply affected by a terrible event and wants to do something in order to make things better. From the beginning, it is indicated that something is not right, as she parks illegally then a few drink cans fall out of her car and she does not seem to care. She is focused on finding the box and she appears to be upset. The ending, where all questions are answered, will most likely touch the viewer's heart.


Hewitt directs superbly and creates some fantastic establishing shots and the addition of David Donaldson's terrific cinematography makes them look even better. Liam MacLean makes a great contribution with the dramatic score that develops a melancholic atmosphere.


With limited dialogue and a strong performance by Sims, this film tells an emotional story about loss and grief and raises awareness of hate crimes. It is a memorable viewing due to the plot and the messages that it carries and it ends up having quite a sentimental effect on the audience.

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Jason Knight
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