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Swati Verma


Posted on:

Nov 19, 2022

Film Reviews
Directed by:
Jack Patrick
Written by:
Jack Patrick
Harrison Tate, Louis Cowgill

The name of the short film- Dependency means reliance, the need for seeking support. The writer-director Jack Patric is an independent filmmaker who loves to try out different genres like experimental and documentary. The film takes its audience on a journey with the protagonist Juran (Harrison Tate) where the viewers get to learn a lot from him.


The plot of the short film revolves around Juran (ex-addict) who fights to resist old temptations after the split from his partner.


The film opens with a long shot of the busy streets of Berlin Germany and Juran who walks into a hotel room. The narration of the movie appears to be a firm code language tone as if the narrative is unfolding through the eyes of the brain. This has been done to maintain the serious nature of the topic the cinematic piece deals with. The colour palette of the creative piece is a combination of white, black, blue, and red colours, dim lighting, dialogues, costume, hair, and makeup assists to complement and elevate the subject matter. A series of transition shots are effectively used to showcase the complexities of the mind. The flashbacks are carefully written and incorporated into the script to give the audience the context of the storyline, therefore, increasing the degree of engagement with it.


Harrison Tate plays the role of Juran an ex-addict who is trying hard not to go back to his old temptations and also forget his past so that he can start hoping for a better future. Tate understands the nuances of this flawed character and depicts the emotional and physical trauma through his body language, facial expressions, and eyes.


Dependency reiterates the fact that over-reliance on romantic relationships, and bad habits like drinking alcohol, doing drugs, and smoking can be detrimental to self and loved ones. it becomes essential to think about what has to be done to let go of everything that can cause harm. The short film talks to its audience regarding the importance of spending time with self to have clarity of thought/expression so that they could exercise full control over the decisions taken in their life. It advises the viewers to stay away from temptations as it has the power to pursue someone to go back to their appalling addictions. This experimental piece highlights the necessity to value both life and time and not waste it on inconsequential elements of socialising. Dependency teaches us the significance of memories in our very existence and the requirement to deal with the same as no one can get rid of them. The film states the example of water and tells the audience to adapt to the changing scenarios in life just like the liquid. In life, one needs to be strong to combat difficult times and it is important to remember the reality of the bad habits for the sanity of the mind.

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