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Denise & Raymonde

average rating is 4 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Aug 8, 2021

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Denise & Raymonde
Directed by:
Nicolas Wendl
Written by:
Tiziana Giammarino
Lauriane Gillieron, Marie Fontannaz, Raphael Tschudi

Two friends meet at a bar and discuss their personal problems regarding marriage and dating.


Denise (Gillieron) and Raymonde (Fontannaz) meet frequently at the same bar, where they have a drink and have a chat, talk about their lives, while trying to give each other helpful advice. Denise is married, but she believes that the magic has disappeared between her and her husband. Raymonde is single and is currently dating, hoping to find the right guy. They discuss the problems of marriage, the challenges of dating, the principles of kissing and their erotic lives, leading to awkward and embarrassing situations.


This French/Swiss comedy is rather amusing and contains interesting characters, cheeky dialogue and adult humour. It is a series and this short is basically three episodes put together, along with opening and closing credits for each episode. These three episodes last a few minutes each and together they make up a ten-minute narrative. Every episode begins with the two women meeting at the bar and then proceeding to share their experiences. Filming took place on location in Switzerland and it was directed remotely from Los Angeles.


Both Fontannaz and Gillieron deliver entertaining performances as two simple women who have known each other a long time and have a strong connection of understanding and trust between them. They both mean well and want to find solutions to their problems. Credit also goes to Tschudi who is rather amusing himself as the barman.


There is light-hearted music and the cinematography looks great. There is one particular section that stands out that involves Denise's fantasy and is quite funny. It stands out due to its content, creative use of lighting, slow motion and jazz music. All these elements and Gillieron, Fontannaz and Tschudi's acting make this sequence rather interesting and fun.


This accomplishment offers ten minutes of (mostly adult) entertainment and will most likely appeal to fans of romantic comedies.

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Jason Knight
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