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Dear Imelda

average rating is 4 out of 5


Jason Knight


Posted on:

Jul 7, 2024

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Dear Imelda
Directed by:
Aron Holden
Written by:
Declan Curran
Declan Curran, Rose Henderson

A young man goes to stay with his grandmother and ends up changing her life for the better.


The setting of this short comedy drama is Ireland's countryside, where Imelda (Henderson), an elderly woman, resides in a house by herself. One day, her grandson Ciaran (Curran) arrives as he needs a place to stay. Although she allows him into her home, she is unhappy with his presence as he unwillingly disrupts her lifestyle and he also brings technology into her house, which she is not fond of. However, he discovers something about her that will bring joy into her life.


The results of an unexpected family reunion is whar the narrative follows and some are humorous while others are dramatic and they all involve Ciaran's efforts to improve things for Imelda. Starting with throwing away her expired food and fixing her television, he then proceeds to introduce her to the Internet and other technological products such as headphones. Although she initially refuses to have significant technology into her life, she eventually accepts it and it does make things better for her. However, Ciaran's most significant contribution occurs when he attempts to contact a past friend of Imelda's, who he becomes aware of after seeing his granny looking through a photo album.


Story aside, this film also serves as a commentary about technology, about how technology makes people's lives more comfortable and also seems to suggest that the elderly tend to be unaware of the benefits this application.


This short would not be a high quality viewing without Henderson's magnificent performance. Her character is a person who has become accustomed to living by herself and not relying on technology. She is kind of childish, utilising a tablet as a cutting board and treating the Internet like it is a lethal threat and she seems to be a bit confused, forgetting things such as buying new food and the condition of certain objects. She appears to find comfort by looking at pictures of her and a friend from when they were children. She goes through significant character development as she accepts her grandson into her life and embraces technology. Ciaran is a kind and helpful youth, played sympathetically by Curran. He cares deeply for his grandmother and goes to great lengths to make her life more comfortable and happy.


Huge commendations go to Holden's superb directing, which includes wonderful shots of the ocean and landscapes, that are supported by Raditya Santosa's cinematography. Holden also worked on the editing and is quite creative with the montages.


The beautiful music by Tara Howley and Faliq Auri is another element that deserves praise, especially when it comes to the song that enchants Imelda.


This is a heart-warming story about a caring youngster who manages to improve the life of his grandmother. Exploring old age, nostalgia and the significance of support and reaching out, this short provides an emotional and at times comical experience.

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