Swati Verma


Posted on:

24 Nov 2021

Film Reviews
Directed by:
Ashish Bisht
Written by:
Ashish Bisht
Ashish Bisht

The title of the film, tagline and, the black and white theme used for the poster has the connotation of something dangerous, horrible approaching fast towards all of us.


Deadly-c justifies the horror genre to an extent. Various camera angles like the mid-shot and close-up shots create the fear and torment Corona Virus caused in 2020. Every person in the world wanted to delete 2020 from their memory forever. The short film Deadly C comes across as PSA (Public service announcement). It is trying to communicate the precautionary message from the Indian government to the people in India. The language used in the cinematic piece is simple so that the masses understand the narrative and act according to the guidelines issued by the authorities.


The short film narrates the story of a home invaded by the virus. The short film showcases the conversation between a human and a virus. The virus targets careless people, not taking necessary measures to fight and safeguard themselves from the disease. In the concluding moments, the individual sprays the sanitizer indicating that keeping basic hygiene around oneself is the only solution to scare the virus away. The movie talks about being alert and careful when dealing with the lethal Corona virus. The short film ends with a voice-over of the virus howling and highlighting the word "mistake". It teaches us a very significant lesson relating to not committing any silly mistakes that could prove to be an entry point of Covid in our homes. Ashish Bisht intends to keep the plot confined to a single room to get the required engagement from the audience. He used various camera angles, set up and expressions to highlight the importance of the situation amidst the outbreak. The film also discusses the strength of the invisible enemy. It acknowledges that even the most powerful countries like America, England, France and Italy could not battle the virus.


There are a few shortcomings in this creative piece. Deadly-C uses subtitles in two languages- making it difficult for the masses to follow the crucial matter. Next, I want to highlight that the film appears to be a short warning clip telecasted before the actual movie in the cinema halls rather than a full-fledged short film. The opening scene of the short film gets the audience fearful of the subject in the movie. It loses the essence, the grip and, becomes a recorded directive as it reaches the closure of the film.

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